Dinner Dance Saturday 3 January Celebrate the new season with friends. Get up to some party tricks too! How did it go?
Astronomy Wednesday 14 January Star gazing: a visual trip to Mars, view Saturn's rings and majestic Orion. How did it go?
Ten Pin Bowling Tuesday 20 January A chance to work off the Christmas pud and earn the 50+ Champion of the year title! How did it go?
Tobogganing Saturday 7 February Whiz down the slope on your behind and end up in a snow flurry. Meal afterwards. How did it go?
Orienteering Sunday 29 February A special leap year day opportunity to get lost in the woods! How did it go?
Argocats and Rage Off Road Buggies Sunday 14 March High speed fun on "go anywhere" amphibious vehicles and a buggie with a top speed of 0-50 in 5 seconds! How did it go?
Line Dancing Thursday, 18 March Fun and fitness. Come along and dust off those 1960s cowboy boots you still have in your cupboard! How did it go?
Social Weekend 26 to 28 March Visit the wonderful walled city of York and of course, a ghost walk! How did it go?
Bridge Building Sunday 18 April Team challenge at the Frontier Centre. How did it go?
Murder Train Ride Friday 30 April A murder has occurred at the Station. On your journey you must become detective to find the murderer before you finish your dinner. Ride on a real steam train included! How did it go?
Canoeing Sunday 9 May Peace, quiet beauty of Northamptonshire's streams and hopefully no spills How did it go?
Hawk Flying Thursday, 20 May Another chance to experience the magic of birds of prey How did it go?
Walking with Wolves Sunday 6 June Take a pack of wolves for a walk. Scary?  A face to face encounter is said to be a magical experience by the promoters. How did it go?
Water Sports Day Sunday, 13 June Power boat driving, sailing and extreme ironing. An odd combination which promises to be fun! How did it go?
Gliding Friday 18 June Soar like a bird over Northamptonshire. How did it go?
Horse Racing Saturday 19 June Enjoy the spectacle and have a little flutter. How did it go?
Welsh Weekend 26-27 June White water rafting and walking in Snowdonia. How did it go?
Dragon Boat Racing Saturday, 3 July Dragon boat racing is an ancient Chinese tradition and the fastest growing water activity in the UK today as well as the most fun!  How did it go?
Go Ape Sunday 4 July Swing through the trees in Thetford Forest or perhaps cycle ride on the woodland tracks.  How did it go?
Bowling Sunday, 11 July A needle match between 2 teams followed by lunch, a laugh and a chat.  How did it go?
White Water Rafting Wednesday 14 July A splashing, smashing ride at our local white water centre.  How did it go?
Street Rally Tuesday 20 July Pit your wits against the challengers and enjoy fish and chips afterwards.  How did it go?
Summer Concert Sunday 25 July Fireworks, music from the Shows, bring your own picnic and wine! Not to be missed.  How did it go?
Jet Ski Wednesday 4 August An exciting ride around the lake on a "water motor bike".  How did it go?
Microlighting Sunday 8 August An opportunity for a red kite's eyeview of the Northamptonshire countryside below  How did it go?
Canal Boat Sunday 15 August A peaceful journey along the canals with locks promised this year.  How did it go?
Tall Ships Sailing Monday, 6 September Spectacular to look at, even better to be on board the Prince William!   How did it go?
Multi-Activity Day Sunday, 12 September Quad bikes, Land Rover driving, horse riding and driving adventures. Top favourite in our calendar!   How did it go?
Longtown 17-19 September Our yearly opportunity to pit our wits and courage against the challenges of gorge walking, canoeing, abseiling and team competitions.   How did it go?
Survival Skills Sunday 26 September Can you build a shelter and find food? How well would you survive on a desert island?   How did it go?
Pudding Feast Tuesday, 5 October Start dieting now so you can enjoy a taste of all puddings presented!  How did it go?
Cycle Ride Sunday, 10 October A little exercise and a delightful lunch with friends   How did it go?
Medieval Banquet Saturday 16 October Your chance to wear short pants or a long flowing dress whilst enjoying a meal.  How did it go?
Perambulation of Pubs Wednesday, 27 October A scary walk with a guide to hear of Northampton's haunted pubs. Jar after if you dare?  How did it go?
Greenwich trip Saturday 20 November Trip to Greenwich to explore the historical sights and exhibitions.   How did it go?
Brewery Visit Thursday, 16  December Timing will be perfect - just before the Festive season begins  How did it go?

Dates in "bold" are confirmed events and should be in your diary!!!


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