Tinsel and Turkey
Saturday, 8 January
Start the year off with an evening having fun and games with friends.  Celebrate a birthday too!  How did it go?
10 Pin Bowling
Tuesday, 18 January
Want to be the 50+ Champion of the Year?  Then start practising! How did it go?
Greyhound Racing
Friday, 28 January
A gentle flutter on the dog with the waggiest tail. How did it go?
Scuba diving
Tuesday, 8 February
Try this fascinating sport in a safe environment. How did it go?
Saturday, 19 February
Back to our childhood!  Whoosh!  Down we go!  Meal afterwards.  How did it go?
Sunday, 27 February
A needle match to see who will be on the winner's podium this year.  How did it go?
Line Dancing
Thursday, 10 March
Start polishing the cowboy boots and brushing up your Stetsons!  Enjoy this popular past-time and raise money for charity. How did it go?
Sunday, 20 March
Orienteering "with a difference" says our organiser.  Come along to find out what she is up to! How did it go?
Street Rally
Tuesday, 19 April
Discover Desborough and find the clues! How did it go?
Derbyshire Walk
Sunday, 24 April
Enjoy the lovely Derbyshire countryside from the top of a hill.  Gentle walking with stops to admire the scenery. How did it go?
Multi-activity Day
Sunday, 8 May
Quad bikes, off road driving, horse riding, archery - your choice depending on how adventurous you feel. How did it go?
Waendel Walk
Saturday, 14 May
Annual international walking festival.  Raise money for charity. How did it go?
Canoeing down the Wye
20-22 May
Bring your own tent but we can provide the canoes. How did it go?
Frontier Centre
Saturday, 11 June
Half day canoeing down the Nene to see the wildlife from a different angle.  How did it go?
Friday 17 June
Let's see what Leicestershire is like from the air this year. How did it go?
Canal Boat
Sunday, 19 June
Putter down the canal, stopping for a picnic - what could be nicer? How did it go?
Go Ape
Sunday, 26 June
Swing from the trees with a zip wire at the end!  Not for the faint-hearted. How did it go?
Sunday, 3 July
Tandem paraglide with the Green Dragons. How did it go?
Punting on the Cam
Sunday, 10 July
Armed with a questionnaire and map, teams scour Cambridge collecting answers to clues which are both on land and water!  How did it go?
Jet Ski
Sunday, 17 July
Zoom over water in but in wet suits not leathers! How did it go?
Green Bowling
Sunday, 24 July
Start polishing the woods and practising your under-arm bowling. How did it go?
White Water Rafting
Wednesday, 27 July
Shoot the rapids!  An annual favourite. How did it go?
Water sports day
Sunday, 7 August
Raft building, wind surfing, and other activities.  How did it go?
Firework Championships
Saturday, 13 August
Four companies battle for Champion Firework awards - but they must be in time to the music.  How did it go?
Sunday, 14 August
See Northamptonshire from the air, and maybe your home too if you live nearby. How did it go?
Ice Karting
Sunday, 21 August
Go-Karting on Ice - this has to be seen to be believed! How did it go?
2-4 September
Annual weekend when we try new activities and convince ourselves that we are still young!  How did it go?
Scarecrow Walk
Sunday, 11 September
No, we look at the Scarecrows - they don't look at us! How did it go?
Water Ski and Ringos
Sunday, 18 September
See if you manage to stand up the first time!  Enjoy the thrill of the ringos and hold on tight! How did it go?
Waverley Paddle Steamer
Saturday, 1 October
From the East Coast to under Tower Bridge in a day.  Lunch en route.  Take your sun hat. Should be good. How did it go?
Walk with Wolves
Sunday, 2 October
Take these gentle creatures for a walk in the countryside. How did it go?
World Conker Championships
Sunday, 9 October
No cheating by putting your conker in vinegar! How did it go?
Cycle Ride
Sunday, 16 October
Good exercise with a meal with friends as a reward. How did it go?
Halloween Weekend
28-30 October
Visit Ironbridge Gorge Museum, take a torch light walk in Hawkstone Park and have a spooky weekend with the ghosts and haunted houses!  How did it go?
Cheese and Wine Tasting
Tuesday, 29 November
Just before the Festive season - let's sort out some nice wine.  How did it go?
Body Flying
Sunday, 4 December
Ever dream of flying?  We can make that dream come true!  We are going “bodyflying” in the world’s largest skydiving wind tunnel, which accurately simulates skydiving but no jumping out of a plane.  No experience necessary!  How did it go?

Events in Bold are booked.

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