Dinner Dance
Saturday, 14 January
Start off the year with a great evening and get together with club members  How did it go?
10 Pin Bowling
Tuesday, 24 January
Always a favourite - and great fun  How did it go?
Line Dancing
Thursday, 23 February
Who cares if you've got two left feet - get those Stetsons out and let's go!  How did it go?
Saturday, 25 February
Return to our childhood!  Whoosh down the slope!  Meal afterwards.  How did it go?
Sunday, 12 March
What are you like with a map and compass? Come and give it a try. How did it go?
Saturday, 18 March
Who's going to be on the podium this year taking a bow? How did it go?
Tank Driving
Sunday, 9 April
Combined with paintballing, this has got to be a must for those aspiring "Rambos". How did it go?
Derbyshire Walk
Saturday, 22 April
Enjoy the scenery - chat with friends - what  could be more enjoyable? How did it go?
Station X
Sunday, 23 April
Ever wondered about what secrets lay hidden at Bletchley Park?  Now's your chance to find out. How did it go?
Street Rally
Tuesday, 25 April
Decipher those clues if you can, and don't get lost  How did it go?
Grendon Hall
Saturday, 6 May
Fancy a series of problem-solving activities to test your skills on the ropes?  How did it go?
Llama Trekking
Saturday, 13 May
Come along and get to know these gentle animals, they'll even carry your rucksacks!  How did it go?
Hovercraft racing
Sunday, 21 May
Learn to fly a hovercraft and then race over land and water. How did it go?
White Water Rafting
Wednesday, 7 June
Test your skills on the rapids, real team effort needed for this How did it go?
The Albatros
Wells next to the Sea
Sunday, 11 June
Always fancied trimming the sales on a beautiful sailing ship?  Now's your chance you land lubbers! How did it go?
Canal Boat trip
Sunday, 18 June
A leisurely break on local canals How did it go?  We enjoyed this so much, we did it again!  How did it go?
Pony Trekking and Canoeing the Wye
1 and 2 July
Combination "get away from it all" weekend - some in the saddle and some in the water How did it go?
Dragon Boat Racing
Saturday, 15 July
Let's show 'em what we're made of and beat 2003's achievements! How did it go?
Green Bowling
Sunday, 16 July
What nicer way to spend a summer Sunday afternoon? How did it go?
Go Ape
Sunday, 23 July
Wow! Get ready for your annual adrenaline fix for this one! Gets better every year How did it go?
Fireworks competition
Saturday, 5 August
Picnic with friends - sit back and enjoy the spectacle and music How did it go?
Multi-activity at Grange Farm
Sunday, 6 August
Off-road driving, clay shooting, quad biking, archery - they've got the lot here. How did it go?
Grafham Water Centre
Saturday, 12 August
Morning canoeing; afternoon sailing or windsurfing for the mariners amongst us How did it go?
8-10 September
Already booked - this most popular of all club mixed activities - make sure you don't miss out on this one. How did it go?
Sunday, 17 September
"I wish I could fly - right up to the sky" - well you can now! How did it go?
60s, 70 and 80s evening
Saturday, 23 September
Music - drinks - Friends - Enjoy ...How did it go?
London Visit
Saturday, 30 September
A river cruise, The London Eye, "Jack the Ripper" walk (scary!) - lots of possibilities for a day out in the BIG city. How did it go?
Conker Championships
Sunday, 8 October
We were nearly in the finals in 2005 - it must be the practice we had as children! How did it go?
Cycle Ride
Sunday, 15 October
Can't beat a ride through the Autumn sunshine around one of our reservoirs How did it go?
Murder Mystery evening
Tuesday, 31 October
See if you can guess "whodunit".  Try your hand at sleuthing  How did it go?
Electronic Paintball
Tuesday, 21 November
Just as much fun as the real thing, but not as messy How did it go?
Body Flying
Sunday, 26 November
Free falling - but you don't have to jump out of a plane to do it! How did it go?

Items in BOLD are already booked!

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