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January 2018


Barn Dance-2Barn Dance-3Barn Dance-1Barn Dance-4

It was that time of year again, the famous 50+ Adventure Club Barn Dance, something to look forward to after Christmas. Great evening, kept on our toes by the fantastic Banana Band. Don't know who did the choreography or if any of us got it right - fun trying though.

Thanks to all who organised it; looking forward to another try next year when I've got my breath back!


ESCAPE ROOMS - Pauline Ashby

Escape Room group

Did we escape? Well nearly! But they had to let us out as they had another group waiting.

Two different rooms, ten padlocks in each and twenty clues to solve. Some of the clues were quite easy but some were devils to solve. I for one would still be in there now if we hadn't been able to ask for help when we were really stuck.

This event was great fun and we all came out with aching brains - helps to keep dementia at bay (so they say).

Two more rooms somewhere else next year?





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POLE DANCING - Alison Andrews

Pole dancing-2

Eight ladies arrived at the Pole Dancing studio in Ketteringto be put through our paces by the instructor Emily. Following a short warm up the first test was to see who had the strength to lift their own body weight on the pole. There then followed an hour of fun, completing a series of moves around the pole including steps, twirlsand falling to the floor. We then tried to put all the set pieces we had learnt together in one continuous movement. The class finished with a promise that we would all be in pain in two days time. Everyone enjoyed the session and a promise was made that men could attend a class ifthere was interest. Well?





QUIZ NIGHT AT STANION - Barbara Dickerson

Quiz WinnersQuiz Runners Up

What a great evening and a serious brain workout for our team, not sure about the other teams though! Thank you Pauline for researching such a wide range of topics for the questions and as for those Dingbats, well they were easy once we knew the answers, weren't they?

The music round had our team trying to sing the rest of the song, or nursery rhyme, before the next one started to our immense frustration because they came too quickly.

Well done the 'Far Behind' team for coming first and also the two runners up the 'Cheesy Straws' and 'Jock High the noo' and we all had prizes even if ours was the 'booby' prize.

A big thank you to Pauline who struggled from her sick bed to organise the evening and be our slightly vocally challenged quizmaster.



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This month we will be travelling to Oxford

to see the 'Mini'being built at the BMW factory

and testing our aim at clay pigeon shooting.



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