This Months Activities

Sunday 14th

Go Karting at Whilton Mill - show your competitive side at this very exciting event

Saturday 20th

Horse riding at Manor Farm - you do not need to be an experienced rider for this event as all abilities are catered for

Sunday 28th

Find and hear about the hidden gems of Warwick with an experienced Blue Badge Guide

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April Activities

Go Karting - Hilary Hearnshaw

The leader in the final of the go karting session - Mick - had been the fastest in each of his races and was leading in the final when his kart failed. This was the only blip of a very successful event. Mick had to retire and John won. But in fact we all won as it was such a lovely day and we all got so much action on the track. Keith came second and Ann was third.
Over two hours, 12 members each drove at least 5 races, with the best 10 racing semifinals and the best 6 going into the final. The weather was lovely, the track was dry, the competition was serious and the smiles were wide. The tracksuits, helmets and gloves made us all look the same, but some of us drove better than others!

Thanks to Richard for organising this event at Whilton Mill Circuit.

Horse Riding - Tracy Cooper

We arrived at the farm on what must have been the best day of the year so far. As we arrived the previous group had just finished. They all said they had managed to stay in the saddle so that gave us hope! After filling in some paperwork we were given a riding helmet and as we were all novices we were also given basic instruction on what we needed to do to guide and control the horse. We had previously given details of our height and weight so that we could be matched to the appropriate sized steed. We mounted up and rode slowly up to the field where we learnt to stop and start and to turn the horses left and right. After everyone was comfortable with this we practiced trotting. This wasn't as easy as it looked, trying to bounce (thats the only way i can describe it!) and get into the the same rhythm as the horse and more practice would have been beneficial. I think we all enjoyed it and I would definitely do it again, but next time as an intermediate.

Intermediates - Julia Thorley
Group photoReport from the middling group. 'Home, home on the range.' Ok, not quite, but it was easy to dream as we moseyed along through the Easton Maudit dustbowl that we were comfortable on our mighty steeds. The reality is that we were all a bit nervous -- but we needn't have been. The horses knew what they were doing and where we were going, so all we had to do was hold on. Trotting along on my horse Bob - a curiously prosaic name, I thought - I reflected that this is why I joined the club. What a great way to spend an afternoon. Thanks, Carol.

Talented - Unfortunately no report from this group; rumour has it that they are still sitting on very soft cushions.

Warwick Blue Badge Walk - Ann Cook

Warwick Blue Badge walkThanks to the 50+ Club I now know that there is more to Warwick than just the castle. It was a cold but dry day and 40 club members turned up for the Blue Badge guided walk around the town. Our two guides gave us an excellent tour telling us about the many interesting old buildings that survive outside the castle and gave us an insight to mediaeval life in the town. As always it was good to meet up with friends and enjoy their company for the day, many thanks to Richard for organising it.


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