This Months Activities

Sunday 8th

Book early for the ever popular indoor bowling session followed by a Christmas lunch then mince pies and mulled wine at the chairman's house.

Friday 13th

Last event of the year! A night walk (not too long!) followed by a drink or maybe two in a local Hostelry

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December Activities

Indoor Bowls - Christine Wakefield (coerced with another glass of mulled wine-must remember next time not to be the last to leave!)

Our annual trip to Desborough indoor bowls club is a must to start the Christmas celebrations each year. We all know that we go for the wonderful meal that never fails to disappoint and then off to Jane and Dennis's for mulled wine and mince pies to follow, if you can fit one in that is!! Convivial conversations can be heard around the room with everyone catching up on the year that we just never have time to do when we are at 50+ events.

Indoor BowlsThe bowls games never fail to disappoint -
How to do we throw this?
Which is the outside and inside?
What is it that we are supposed to aim for?
Was it meant to do that!!
Oops lift you foot you're in the wrong place again!!
Who does this bowl belong to?
Fortunately the club players were on hand to put us right and keep us on the straight and narrow. My team was encouraged to play by the strict rules of Bowls(that was a first or perhaps we'd just forgotten!)

Our group split into two teams of 4, boys v girls of course, we girls didn't have a good start but then we got the hang of it.
There was whooping and clapping and lots of laughter-perhaps that was just me - I don't get out much.

When any of us lost the plot, our instructor was on hand to (gently) prod us to correct our wayward tendencies. Our finishing result 9-9-9 couldn't have done better if we had really tried.

A wonderful start to the festive season. Thank you Jane and Dennis

Night Walk - Nick Jarvis

Night WalkFriday the thirteenth! Lucky for some, at least it was for the twenty five of us who turned out to walk around the Broughton area in the dark. Despite the somewhat doubtful weather earlier in the day it turned out to be a clear dry night. Thanks to the excellent route chosen by Jenny, we not only stayed dry on top but even managed to keep dry feet. At the start Jenny handed out some sweets to be eaten at the top of the first hill (confession: I'd eaten all mine before we started!). When we finally got to the mountain top, well a mountain by Northants standards, we were treated to some excellent mulled wine and mince pies. Many thanks to Jenny and Jane for carrying it all up the hill. Once back in the village, most of us retired to the pub for a well earned pint. All in all a very pleasant evening.


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