This Months Activities

Sunday 3rd

Play soldiers without getting muddy Indoor Paintballing sounds fun and they say it doesn't hurt - much!

Thursday 14th

Ever popular 10 Pin Bowling is always a good social event

Sunday 24th

Have a flutter at Towcester Races you might even win!

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February Activities

Paintballing - Arthur Marshall

No Billy the Kid
No Wyatt Earps
They ran around
Like a bunch of twerps
Shoot to the *#?@*
Shoot to the hair
Where they aimed
They did not care
Dennis in the groin
Mick in the head
They screamed like girls
And fell down dead
The girls fared no better
Shot in hand and arm
But never mind
It did no harm
We all ended up
Down at the pub
A couple of pints
And a plate of grub

and another one, this from - Richard Stanley

paintball team
Don't mess with us

12 of us gathered in the centre of Market Harborough to play Indoor Paintball, but instead of paint in the outdoors we used small foam balls indoors - so not messy.
After our safety briefing, we were all issued with overalls, masks, gloves and body armour! I thought, hello, they said this wasn't going to hurt. We were then split into two teams - red and yellow and full instructions were given on the use of the guns.
We played several games - elimination, find a briefcase, rescue the flag, grab a granny (which was to grab a mobility scooter and drive it to base). Jane managed to grab the scooter twice - or was she shot?? If you did get shot you put your hand up and return to base or go out, this was meant to save you from getting shot again. Ha Ha.
The course was well laid out with plenty of obstacles to hide behind. Who said soft foam balls wouldn't hurt? Two members who shall remain nameless (myself and Dennis) got shot in a very delicate area - the ladies queued up to inspect our bruises (not!). Poor Mick had a stinger on the head - well, Ann did say she would get revenge. Arthur had a great time as a spectator.
We had a good two hours activity that will surely be repeated. Then in true 50+ fashion went to the pub for a very good Sunday lunch.

Thanks to Janette for organising and no dear, you don't have to keep showing me your bruised backside!

10 Pin Bowling - Mary Wilson

Tenpin winners
The Winners

Steve Pelling was the gents' champion this time - his score was quite astounding - 308! Very professional. Carol Pullen won the ladies' section, which a score of 247 Who was it who knocked down the two repairmen with a score of 11?!
31 members turned up on the night, 17 stayed afterwards for a romantic Valentine's night meal (ed's note - there was a rumour that this was the first time one of the girls had EVER been taken out by her partner of 49 years on 14 February!).
We had great fun and lots of laughs. Many thanks Pauline, it was fine.

Towcester Races - Diane and John West

Towcester racing crowd
It was cold!

18 50+ Punters gathered at the Stables Pub in Towcester for lunch before the short drive through the imposing stone archway of the racecourse to join hundreds of keen spectators. The weather was dry but with a biting north-easterly wind and occasional flurries of snow so a good test of members' extreme winter clothing; Lucy won the prize for the furriest bonnet while Marilyn and Jane admitted to having heated gloves!
Richard distributed the Race Programme while Tony the Tipster dispensed gems of wisdom on likely winners while rating the entrants in one race 'a load of donkeys'!
Bets were placed with Richard and Jane having a winner in the first race by backing the horse with the silliest name.
Good choices in the second race too with squeals of delight all round and in the 3rd with a French winner bringing happiness and joy to several. But overall 50+ probably made a generous contribution to the Bookies welfare fund!

No matter, it was a fun-filled day despite the cold. Thank you Richard for organising it.


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