This Months Activities

Saturday 5th

Start the Year off with a Yee Ha! Barn dance with music from Knitters Jig, fish and chip supper with puddings!

Sunday 20th

Indoor caving And High ropes - Cancelled due to bad weather, re-scheduled to Saturday 16th March

Saturday 26th

Want an energetic activity you can do sitting down? wheelchair basketball promises to be great fun

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January Activities

new year


Barn Dance - Pauline Ashby               

barn dance2013 Here We Come!! 110 members and friends gathered at the Kettering Athletic Club for the Annual Barn Dance and Supper. Off to a quick start, we danced the night away to the Knitters Jig Ceilidh Band, with lots of help from their caller.
A break half way through for Fish and Chips was followed by a selection of scrumptious puddings (some from M & S) - and then back to the dancing. I think one or two people went home with bruised shins, but I am sure we ALL went home with smiles on our faces.The night was a resounding success (as always) - many thanks to Jane and Dennis for organising it (and choosing such lovely desserts).

Here's to an exciting 2013 with the best club in the country. 

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Wheelchair Basketball - Debs Moore

When we arrived none of us knew what we had let ourselves in for and sat there rather nervously when we were invited to go into the gym and watch a match that was in progress. The wonderful instructor shouted to us that he expected us to be at their level within the next hour and a half, he obviously thought his training skills were exceptional!!!

So once we had all been sat in a wheelchair we were told how not to lose our fingers on the wheels and the training began. Weaving in and out of each other all sat in a line, lots of "ooops sorry" going on as we hit each others wheels whilst trying to manoeuvre in and out. Then the hard bit, having mastered throwing the ball, we had to throw the ball and move at the same time. In usual club style there was much laughter and Stuart told us that if we could put as much effort into moving and throwing the ball as we were to laughing we could? be really good.

Wheelchair BasketballThen the real game began. Having spent an hour trying to co-ordinate, eyes, arms and the ball it should now all come together.... and surprisingly it actually did. What fun racing up and down the gym trying to recover the ball which did seem to spend a lot of time on its' own. There were the usual bumps and scrapes and howls of laughter as some of us actually scored, Steve, Les and Carol (well done gal!) The usual male sporting ego also kicked in with Steve and Les fighting to catch a loose ball which unfortunately ended with Les parting company with his chair, no damage done though.

All in all a great time was had by everyone and we're hoping to go back again soon, thanks to Pauline for organising it all.


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