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Saturday 2nd

Ever wanted to drive a racing car, but the cost or fear factor was too high? Then this is your chance to release your inner Jenson Button on a Racing Car Simulator with all the sights sounds and feel of the real thing but without the danger

Friday 15th

Time to do battle with the Quizmasters again, who will be winners or losers at the Fifty Plus quiznight, a good fun night with nibbles and bar.

Saturday 16th

Indoor caving and high ropes come and have fun in what is said to be the longest indoor caving system in the world! ( no mud or water ) then challenge yourself on the indoor high ropes course.

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March Activities

Racing Car Simultor - Steve Pelling - Morning session

At the controls of the race simulator
The winner

This was something we spotted last year when we were Flowboarding at the same venue. The three simulators are next to each other and you race against the two other drivers.
Firstly we had five lap practice sessions to get used to the 'car'. The seat shakes and moves as you look at the wrap around screens and it's quite a peculiar feeling to start with. You change gear using F1 style paddles on the steering wheel but there's no clutch so one or two of us were guilty of jump-starts when going into first before the green light! The sound track of the engine and tyre noise is quite loud but I remember being more conscious of the laughter from behind as my car spun off at the first corner!
After practice came five lap races where lap times were recorded and the three fastest went into a final.
This was a very popular event which had to be split into two groups of twelve to fit us all in and I would like to thank Lyn for organising it for us, also a big thanks to Arthur for making a beautiful hand-turned cup for the winner.
1st overall was Steve, with Keith setting fastest lap on 1min 1sec

Racing Car Simulator - John Kemp - Afternoon session

These amazing racing car simulators are what the F1 boys practice on. Lewis Hamilton's moving to Team Mercedes. If he doesn't get that car winning this year, there are 12 50+ members queuing up to take his place, despite all the crashes and engine blow ups. Well we can all dream!

It was great fun - thanks Lyn. Va Va Voom.

Quiz Night - Frank Boydell

The winners
And losers

On 15 March a full house gathered at Stanion Village Hall for a quiz night organised and orchestrated by Pauline and Richard. Huge thanks must go to the pair of them for battling through, despite disputes about answers, melees within the teams and a background of general heckling. No wonder we pay them so well??
Final honours went to the Jammy Dodgers who rode off into the sunset wearing big smiles and clutching bottles of wine. I'd drained my glass quickly, in the hope of a share in the booty; but to no avail.

The battle for the Smarties was even more ferocious, coming down to a deciding question. With prizes like this did Clueless deliberately throw the question? Was the Question Master nobbled? All I know is they were wearing knowing grins as they searched through their ill-gotten gains for their favourite colour.

A great night, great location and excellent bar prices; what is there not to like?

Caving and Indoor Ropes - Anon

Caving? In Hemel Hempstead? You're having a joke! Obviously our unbelieving family and friends were unaware of this club's never-ending ability to source activities in the most unusual of locations. WE knew that there was an amazing cave system, just off the M1, so off we set, suitably clothed and prepared to be stretched (literally) to our limits and were not disappointed. Unlike our previous club caving expeditions into the murky depths of the Derbyshire hills, these caves were dry and we didn't get muddy! But we did miss Adam. According to its website, the QC Centre contains the longest artificial indoor caving system in the world. Resembling worms in trainers, we slithered, squeezed and hauled ourselves over "stalagmites" and "boulders" as well as negotiating the "sump" - with artificial water. Great fun but hard on the knees, elbows and chuckle muscles.

Suitably re-hydrated with large drinks of water, we then tackled the high ropes system. Suspended in harnesses attached to a track in the ceiling (which strongly resembled an abattoir conveyor belt system for animal carcasses) we negotiated yet another cave system and emerged through a window high above the floor - on a level with the top holds on the neighbouring climbing walls. We all successfully clambered, swung and crawled our way over, through and past all the various sections before finishing through another window and back to where we started. Some enjoyed this so much that they repeated the experience.
Mad? Of course we are!

Unfortunately no photography was allowed so you will just have to use your imagination.

Spring Walk - Tony and Anne Albrecht

After a wise postponement due to the unseasonal snow just before/around Easter, 6th April saw the Spring Walk finally set off on a chilly Saturday morning. We were a band of 17 keen walkers and, well insulated against the East wind, we made our way from East Carlton Park across the fields by bridleway and footpath towards the village of Ashley.

Spring Walk Group

The wide vista of the Welland Valley stretched below us and we could hear church bells ringing in the distance. Red kites were spotted almost suspended above us and dozens of fieldfares were identified swooping over the fields.

Walkig past the mysterious broom the mysterious broom
Anyone Notice? The Mysterious Broom..!!

Can anyone solve a mystery? Draped high in a tree at the edge of one field we discovered a length of emerald green fabric, plaited at one end and holding up a broom at the other! Perhaps a left-over prop from a St Patrick's Day celebration or a sign of a local coven....?
After a first-rate circular 7 mile hike, with jackets and sunglasses on and off as many times as the sun changed its mind, we returned to East Carlton ready to adjourn to the Royal George in Cottingham for our Sunday lunch, served on a Saturday by special request! Thank you, Jane and Dennis, for excellent arrangements and a very enjoyable route.

PS (from Editor) Should have taken a picture of the desserts (especially Terry's cheese board)! Must find another walking route in this area if only to finish up at this super, ancient little pub.


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