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Sunday 5th

Enjoy a leisurely drive in the countryside stopping off at local villages to hunt for the answers to some fiendishly difficult (and some not so difficult) questions. The ever popular car treasure hunt will of course finish at a local pub for refreshments and Sunday lunch!

Sunday 12th

This years out of county walk will take us to Shropshire and The Long Mynd for a walk of approximately 7.5 miles and 1700 feet of ascent. Bring your boots and some sunshine!

Sunday 19th

Surfing a Bedford? Join us for a session fo indoor Flowboarding, you will get wet but it won't be cold!

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May Activities

Car Treasure Hunt - Richard Stanley

As the LOSING TEAM (Richard, Janette, Ann & Mick) here is the write up of what has become an Annual Car Treasure Hunt. We all gathered at The Pemberton Centre and set off around the local villages, including Souldrop and Riseley.

One member wasn't taking it seriously
One member just wasn't taking this seriously!


The winners
The winning team

We could have done okay if it wasn't for the 28 quiz questions and missing the important bit that the answers were initials of International Day of the Midwife!! I mean, who knows what a Tephrodiscophile collects (answer at the end of newsletter) and where the Nansen Basin is? Not in the kitchen as I thought anyway.

With Ann and Janette in the back seat handling the answer sheets, by the time we got to the first village we had missed 4 questions  - Ha Ha!
The villages, like the weather were lovely. But a particular mention must go to the beautiful old church at Upper Dean steeped in history inside and out.
We finished off the quiz and had a fabulous lunch and pudding in Chelveston where questions and answers were discussed.

Well done to the clever 'Befuddled' (Barry, Pat, Anne and Keith) who won with an astonishing score of 56! and a bigger well done to Carol for the hard work involved in providing a GREAT DAY OUT.

Quiz answer-ashtrays!

Out Of County Walk - Mollie Foster

Jenny and friends spent the day before the walk on a 'recce' of the area - a very good excuse to spend extra time in Church Stretton! On the following day our little band of walkers (all 15 of us) assembled at the Carding Mill Valley car park to begin an enthusiastic ascent up the Longmynd. The weather was typically British, but not as bad as the forecast had promised! All were suitably clad, apart from one new member who forgot gloves and over trousers!

The hard slog up
The hard slog up!


Nearly at the top
Nearly at the top!


At last the top
The top


Back to the sunshine
Back to the sunshine

Where the footpaths divided, we all decided that the harder waterfall path was the best route, shorter but with a steeper rocky climb. We were rewarded with glimpses of sunshine and shelter from the wind, and a few daring souls took off their macs, but it immediately started to rain. The little waterfall was very spectacular and a very good photo stop before a steepish climb up some rocky steps to the top of the Mynd. At the top there was a hive of activity as a few hundred cyclists had planned their annual racing event for the same day, at the same time, and unfortunately on the same route. An overzealous young National Trust guide tried to persuade us to turn back, but we decided to ignore the advice and soldier on.
On the whole, the path was wide enough for all of us and the cyclists were very considerate. We reached the trig point at 1,500 ft, Pole Bank, and surveyed the area. Although the showers were turbulent and the sunshine disappeared, the visibility was surprisingly good and the views breathtaking. There were also some unexpected residents living in the stonework - possibly centipedes or just little black worms, we couldn't decide. There were thousands of them!
We walked through the heather across the moorland, keeping a watchful eye on cyclists dashing by, and then down to a secluded patch of trees to eat our picnics in the rain. It was next to a very busy marshalling station at the bottom of the hill and we were told we could have opted to join them for fish and chips! At this point the stewards advised us not to continue on the same track but there was really no other option, as Jenny pointed out. We started our descent down the beautiful hillside toward Little Stretton keeping one eye on the cyclists racing by. Luckily we all arrived at the bottom without mishap and stopped for a few minutes to enjoy Jenny's choccies and thank her for an excellent walk. Most of us sensibly walked back along the pavement to Church Stretton, but four intrepid souls took the undulating route and arrived at the Bucks Head in the middle of a torrential downpour. Warming refreshments were the order of the day before we set off on the journey home.

Many thanks to Jenny for a great day out in the hills.

Flowboarding - Elaine Pell

I went to this event slightly nervous, due to some comments that had been made to me, from some young and very supple friends i.e. "wow, you really get thrown to the back wall, you'll get bruises, but yeah well, you'll love it, its okay really" This didn't instil a lot of confidence in me.
FlowboardingWe arrived at the venue, piled into the cafe and watched a group of kids launching themselves into the fast flowing water. Ah well, if they can do it, us over 50's certainly can. Ha Ha. We watched the film show, demonstrated by a young fit thing in a bikini, eye candy for the men of the group. After safety briefing, sent to changing rooms with wet suits (we all looked very good in these). Baywatch had nothing on us. I was first in the queue - did everybody know something I didn't? The instructor then told me to stand on the edge, take two steps across into the fast moving current and launch myself downwards into the rapids, holding on to my board, with elbows tucked in and a 101 other instructions. After a bit of dithering and convincing myself that this wasn't such a good idea, I literally took the plunge. I landed, floated and "flow boarded". Wow I was hooked. The only trouble was I forgot how to steer and was there for ages, shouting "How do I get off". Got the hang of steering and got to the edge safely. It was unbelievable. Joined back of queue and watched everybody else go through the same, some successful first time, some ending up being thrown to the back. Then the instructor demonstrated Flowboarding at Bedforda few tricks we could try. Barry demonstrated the kneeling position!!!!!! (until Mick ploughed into him). I got my knees onto the board pretty easily, but then forgot what came next and got thrown to the back. After several goes, the instructor then tried to get us standing on a board. This I achieved, for what seemed like hours, but was probably only a nanosecond. I was quite proud of this. Full marks to Lyn for organising this event. Would definitely do it again despite finishing up with 2 painful big toes. How did I do it, well who knows? I do know the adrenalin flowed through me and could have carried on for another hour.

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