This Months Activities

Tuesday 5th

Gunpowder Treason and Plot, an evening of entertainment, history and fireworks in the wonderful setting of Boughton House

Saturday 9th

The annual 'back to your childhood' event. the Snowdome Tamworth providing the venue for our who can go the fastest/get the most runs in on a toboggan activity

Wednesday 20th

An evening of scalextric racing courtesy of Rockingham Slot Car Club

Monday 25th

Get fit before the festive season begins with an introduction to Yoga.

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November Activities

Gunpowder, Treason and Plot

MagicianAs a late addition to the programme, this proved to be a very popular evening with our members (and a few hundred other people) and what better way to enjoy the story behind the occasion than in the county where most of the plotters resided! A night of fire eaters, magicians, drama, music, dancing and fireworks helped one committee member to forget that she was now another year older!

Many thanks to Pauline for the organisation.

Tobogganing - Jan Holt

16 of us met at the Snowdome in Tamworth. The club had been before but it was a new experience for me, the most exciting thing I have done with snow previously was to make a snowman during last winter's blizzard conditions! I was a bit apprehensive about how cold it was going to be when Ann counted out her 5 layers; I only had a t-shirt and jacket!
TobogganingOurs was the first session on the slope so the sledges started off lovely and dry but as we progressed up and down they began to resemble leaky boats. Thanks to me borrowing my daughter's ski trousers I avoided getting a 'soggy bottom'.
The first step on the travelator caught me off balance but I soon got used to taking a run at it so no incident there! Once I remembered which handle to pull for the direction I wanted to go in I navigated from top to bottom, narrowly missing the attendant whose job it was to stand in the middle of the slope indicating that you should NOW BE APPLYING THE BRAKES!
The hour flew by and Dennis, Jude and I managed to sneak one more run by dodging the chap checking the wristbands to tell us time was up.
We then made our way to the Harvester at Hinkley, my sister taking a short cut through the retail park so she could get there first and nab the last parking spot! We had an excellent salad bar, a pleasant waiter who served our main courses and who Jane had to negotiate with to get us a free dessert - the less said about the sundaes the better!

An excellent event, thanks to Jane for organising. I will have to have a re-think about wearing woolly gloves next year!

Scalextric Evening - Maureen Lydon

To start the evening, we all had a chance to get the feel of the cars. Some found them easier than others, especially if you got the "yellow" car which seemed to be jinxed at almost every corner. Then the racing started in earnest. The heats were arranged and the car colours allotted. Marks were given on each driver's position at the end. Those managing to keep their cars on the track obviously fared much better.
Finally the winner of the evening was Geoff with a well earned 33 points.

Yoga - Candice Foss

On a dark Monday evening 14 female and 1 male 50+ members spent a fun and relaxing evening learning the techniques of yoga. Julia Thorley encouraged us to do only what we were comfortable with - which meant I sat and watched quite a few times due to having a back operation last month. I was surprised to note that many of the positions were the same as the hospital physio recommended for strengthening my inner core muscles. Here is a short summary of some of the poses we managed:
YogaTHE CAT - on our hands and knees, arching our backs, releasing tension and increasing mobility in the spine. This pose helps to release tension in the back body while toning the front body.
DOWNWARD FACING DOG - with our feet and hands flat on the ground, and our legs and arms straight, our bodies raising in the air. The finishing pose looked like a pyramid. A great stretching exercise for hamstrings and calves.
TREE - in a standing position we attempted to balance on one leg while using our other foot to touch the side of the knee. I had to use the wall to balance myself! Other more steady yoga beginners brought their hands together in a praying position and raised them in the air. This is a good exercise for stretching and strengthening backs and legs. Our own 50+ female equivalent of David Bailey was busy snapping away with her camera while we attempted to balance on one leg.
This was just a taster session but done regularly yoga should reduce anxiety and can become addictive. All I can say is, I slept better that night than I have for a long time.

Footnote: my back consultant told me not to attempt any exercise until he sees me on 10 December. Never one to obey orders, I have been tobogganing with no ill effects whatsoever, and now attempted yoga with a mild pain killer required the next day. Bring it on


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