This Months Activities

Sunday 6th

Join us for an approx. six mile in the Autumn sunshine (fingers crossed!)

Sunday 13th

A new experience, Nordic Walking, poles provided but you still have to provide the muscle power!

Thursday 17th

A chance to show of your skills (or not!) Tenpin Bowling, always popular and a very sociable evening.

Sat/Sun 26/27th

A Portsmouth experience weekend including a tour of the historic dock yard,and the Mary Rose Museum, an evening Ghost Walk, pre booked meal at a waterside pub what's not to like!!

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October Activities

Autumn Walk - Arthur Marshall (The no nuffink man)

Autumn walk, the long drag

I've been asked to rite a rite up
About sumfink I no nuffink at all
He hoo asked for this rite up
Must take me for a fool
I no nuffink about the fields you trod
Or hoo got stuck on a stile
I no nuffink of how far you went
Was it a very long mile?
I no nuffink of hoo went wiv you
Or those hoo stayed behind
Of one fing I am certain
The wevver to you was kindPicking blackberries
There was one fing that I heard of
Our Carol went on the pull
For as she crossed a farmers field
She went and stroked his bull
The walk was finally over
To the pub you were all led
Wiv grateful sighs you all sat down
And waited to be fed
When the meal was finally over
The day at last was done
Off you staggered to your homes
After anuvver day of fun
DIY Blackberry starters!

Ed's note: Thanks Paul - great walk and lovely meal.

Nordic Walking - Anne and Keith Drury

Nordic WalkingSunday dawned damp and drizzly. Not daunted 9 of us gathered for our Nordic Walking taster at Stanwick Lakes. Whilst Fiona our instructor was extolling the benefits her husband Robin, a really funny chap, sized us up and presented us with our specially designed NW poles, approx. the right length for each of us. We were shown the correct way to use the wrist straps and to hold the poles lightly. A short series of warm up exercises to loosen our arms and legs and then we set off in a line. Unlike regular walking NW involves an upright stance looking straight ahead and arm movements similar to marching. Rhythmical movements of arms, a lot of upper body action and with the aid of the poles longer strides. The poles seem to push you along, a bit like downhill skiing, where the poles are behind rather than in front. We followed each other first in a line, then round in circles, up and down slight slopes, a merry band peeking out from under our dripping hoods. It gives a fairly intense workout! On Monday morning my upper back muscles let me know they existed I can't remember ever noticing them before. The good news is that apparently it burns up to 46% more calories than ordinary walking - more cake please - and reduces pressure on knees and joints. It is also good for heart and lungs, so it must have done some good.
Despite the heavy drizzle it was good fun and I think several people have signed up for training sessions. Definitely one for next year.

Thanks to Lyn for organising.

10 Pin Bowling - Sheila Casey

ten pin groupOne of those regular, under-stated yet enjoyable social events saw 35 of us meet in Wellingborough, with abilities ranging from the skilled champions, Carol Pullen and Steve Pelling, to me, the winner of the Hallowe'en cup-cakes. Many of us find that we do better on the first game and regress when we start thinking about what we are doing, but we all had a good time!
The meal afterwards makes a pleasant end to the evening and gives us a chance to socialise. The food was plain but fresh and well-presented. The staff were, as always, very pleasant.
Many thanks again to Pauline, for organising the bowling, prizes and meal and to Keith, for his home-grown tomatoes and home-baked orange-and-yogurt seed-cake. See what you missed!!!

The Portsmouth Experience - Lucy Oliver-Carton, Jenny Walker and Sheila Farr

Portsmouth groupA group of 19 intrepid travellers arrived at the Travelodge which was well placed on the bus route for the Historic Dockyard in Portsmouth.

We met up in the evening at the historic Bridge Tavern surrounded by water and fishing boats where in true 50+ fashion a wonderful meal and a few drinks was enjoyed by all.
Saturday dawned and many members put their bus passes into action and ultimately we all arrived at the Docks for a 'full on' day of exciting exploration starting with the iconic Mary Rose constructed in 1510 where we were entranced by details of the raising of Henry VIll's flagship from the Solent.
HMS VictoryWe were into a huge history lesson as we went into an intensive exploration of HMS Victory and learnt many facts of Admiral Nelson's battle of Trafalgar. It was put into perspective by seeing his tiny hammock and commode and the cramped quarters of the men.
Almost palatial, was HMS Warrior 1860 beautifully preserved and it was awesome to creep around in the cramped atmosphere and see where men had their hammocks right next to the cannons in darkened atmosphere....the galley where live chickens were penned up and the engine rooms where stokers would work in temperatures of 48.9 degrees C. .
We still had more to see - something breathtakingly new and stunning - 110 metres up from the ground The Spinnaker Tower with a panorama of the harbour and views over 23 miles including the Solent and The Isle of Wight.
Full marks must go to Carol Pullen for her organisational skills in arranging such a sensationally packed weekend.

Portsmouth Ghost Walk by "Mary"
Portsmouth Ghost WalkWe were taken round the old part of Portsmouth by a rather stern gentleman who was very knowledgeable about the history of Portsmouth, but did not suffer fools gladly - so that put some of us at a disadvantage straight away!
We were soon joined by three ghosts and a zombie. The ghosts wanted us to obtain money for them and the zombie just wanted us. I was kidnapped by the ghosts and taken away to be held ransom. Nobody came to my rescue (good to know who your friends are!) My boyfriend was then captured and tied up in one of the towers, but as I had spent all his money he was of no use to the ghosts, so they let him go.
The ghost saleThe zombie was still following us and the girls were quite scared by him.
The ghosts hadn't got any money out of us so decided to sell three of us. "Priscilla" was purchased for half a crown (not by her other half, who said that she had already cost him a small fortune over the last 46 years) and the witch - with the strange light around her neck - was bought for two sheep (too cheap?). Geoff was also up for sale and was the most expensive item, going for a gold crown (presumably a coin, not a tooth).
As our tour came to an end the zombie gave up the quest for humans and the three ghosts bade us farewell.

There is something very sexy about young men with chalk-white faces and black coats (OOPS - still in fantasy mode, sorry)



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