This Months Activities

Friday 5th

Night walk, mince pies,mulled wine then pub to finish, what's not to like?

Saturday 6th

Coach trip to London and ice skating at Somerset House,or just do your own thing!

Sunday 7th

The annual End to the year, indoor bowls, followed by traditional christmas meal with all the trimmings, then mince pies and mulled wine at the Chairmans house.

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December Activities

Night Walk - Kevin Williams

It seemed a good idea, sitting in the warmth of the Stirrup Cup, to make the Night Walk our first 'adventure'. Sitting in the car outside the Rose and Crown on a cold December evening, second thoughts were creeping in.
We were welcomed warmly, however, and were starting to relax when Jenny approached with the news of our 'initiation rite' - to write a report, and also with a tin of chocolates - should we eat them, we wondered, or scatter them on the ground in case we got lost?
Nineteen intrepid souls began the walk down an unlit road, and I realised why the club has its 'adventure' tag - there was not a reflective jacket in sight!
We enjoyed a leisurely 4 mile walk around the lake outside Islip under a clear sky and an almost full moon, rendering our torches unnecessary. The temperature remained above freezing, and the views were remarkable, making the whole event fly along. One of the group did howl at the moon, but only succeeded in frightening the sheep. We did stop at intervals to allow 'stragglers' to catch up - the straggling seemingly due to chatting than any lack of stamina!
At the half way point we were guided into a 'hide', and, as if by magic, mince pies and mulled wine were produced. Fortified by this unexpected treat we continued, and apart from a friendly discussion about the final part of our route, had an uneventful second half to our journey.
The majority of us then repaired to the aforementioned Rose and Crown for a warming fire and drinks, with the addition of warm sausages rolls courtesy of the Landlady.
A successful first foray, though we remain unconvinced that our exertions were enough to counterbalance the calories we consumed!

Ice Skating at Somerset House (and other delights) - Edited by Carol Pullen
(We asked everyone to make a comment about their day and these are the edited notes)

Ice skating groupWhat a busy and exhausting day everyone had in London after the coach dropped us off outside Somerset House. The ice skaters "got past the new born foal look eventually" and then like the rest of us went to Covent Garden, Trafalgar Square, Imperial War Museum or the South Bank.




Here are some of the comments:-

  1. From a junior member of the party "We liked the magicians and living statues and enjoyed watching the man who dislocated his shoulder and got his whole body through a tennis racquet!!"
  2. Theatre matinees visited included Miss Saigon, Memphis and Not About Heroes.
  3. Covent Garden - "We saw lots of Santas today - floating Santas (he really was floating it was magic), Lego Santa complete with sleigh and reindeer and flash mob Santas outside Buckingham Palace!!"
  4. "We went to Camden Market by tube and cooked our own steak over a hot brick, then back to Hamleys Toy Shop."
  5. "After Covent Garden we went to Oxford Street to see the lights and visit Primark"
  6. "South Bank had a wonderful carol choir courtesy of Macmillan Cancer Relief"

Food did figure prominently in our day as is usual with any 50+ Adventure Club activity!!

  1. "COFFEE, National Gallery, BEER, Houses of Parliament Audio Tour, TEA, CAKE!!
  2. "We played 'Hunt the restaurant' via the National Gallery and Trafalgar Square"
  3. 2We took an early lunch at Wagamama which had been recommended2
  4. "We walked over Waterloo Bridge and along the South bank for the food and festive stalls"
  5. "Hyde Park's Winter Wonderland - great steak and ale pies, washed down with beer and mulled wine and then onto the Science Museum"
  6. "Nice cup of mulled wine on the South Bank"
  7. "We went on a London Bridge Pedibus tour with a pub stop." A future club activity perhaps?
  8. "Tea at St Martin-in-the-Fields"

Some of us went for culture to:-

  • The Imperial war Museum - "WW1 Exhibition, the Art of WW1 and Holocaust Exhibition"
  • The Cabinet War Rooms and Churchill Museum
  • The Science Museum for Intergalactica "WOW"
  • "Big Ben, Westminster Abbey and the brilliant architecture and a reminder why Americans, Japanese etc all visit London"
  • A number of people went to the National Gallery
  • "A guided tour of Somerset House"

Indoor Bowling

Indoor bowlingWhat a weekend! Rumour has it that some members went on the Friday night walk, the Saturday London trip AND the Sunday indoor bowling (not the bowling organiser however, who had to do his annual dusting!)
After 8 years it would appear that some members are at last getting to grips with the rules and etiquette of bowling, not to mention the dreaded "wrong bias" but this year we didn't have indoor bowls Mealthe England team observing us which was a shame as we could have given them some handy tips! All went well, no-one dropped their bowls on their toes and everyone was still talking to each other at the end of 2 hours of intense play (helped no doubt by the opening of the bar)

Christmas lunch was up to its usual high standard and Jane and Dennis produced festive offerings of mulled wine and mince pies afterwards. Dennis's dusting prowess was duly commented on and everyone then went home for a well-earned rest.


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