This Months Activities

Saturday 1st

Who's got the most bounce, try a fun session at Northampton Trampoline centre

Saturday 8th

Bring out your competitive side, 180mph down the straight, slide round the bends, take the chequered flag all in complete safety! try out the race car simulators at Bedford.

Thursday 13th

An old favourite and popular event, Tenpin Bowling is this evenings social event.

Saturday 16th

Tried the simulator? now for the real thing! Indoor Go-Karting, fast, furious and good fun!

Thursday 20th

There seems to be a theme this month! try scalextric racing and see if you can keep your car on the track!

Sunday 23rd

Take a spare shirt for a day at Towcester races! First we will be meeting at a local pub for sunday lunch then on to the race track for profitable afternoon!

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February Activities

Trampolining - Julia Thorley

TrampoliningWe were literally bouncing with excitement at the Benham Sport Arena when we tried our hand at trampolining. I say hand:     actually I don't think there was a single body part that we didn't use. We were booked in for an hour-long session, but took it in turns to try the various manoeuvres, which gave us time to recuperate between goes, thank goodness. It's much more energetic than it looks.
First, we were taught how to fall over safely, which, naturally, we all managed to do. Then before we knew what was happening we were windmilling our arms to gain height and executing straddles, pikes, tucks, sit drops and rotations with aplomb. Despite the presence of a large red cross on the centre of the bouncy bit (to use the technical term), it was ridiculously difficult to aim properly, but what we lacked in finesse, we more than made up for with enthusiasm and laughter.

Another triumph for the club. Thanks, Lyn, for organising a great morning out.

Race Car Simulator - Barry Fitzhugh

Eleven of us met in the coffee bar of the Twinwoods business park and made our way to the race house where we met our instructors. There are three race simulators with large front screens and one screen each side. The steering wheel has a paddle gear change - right up, left down. The seats have sensors which cause them to slide and vibrate when you go off the track. The cars selected were McLaren sports and we decided on the Brands Hatch circuit.
We each had two runs of about 5 mins each - the three fastest laps going into the final. The first heat - Barry, Paul and Marilyn. Wait for green light, 1st gear, go. Followed Paul and Marilyn round first bend. Suddenly Marilyn goes into gravel and Paul brilliantly rolls the car down the track. I managed to keep the lead even after avoiding Marilyn coming the wrong way!
2nd heat Pat did an amazing start hitting the barriers after one yard. Dennis won this heat.
3rd heat 1st Richard
4th heat only Alison and Christine. Sadly Jane was ill on the day but she made a miraculous recovery and took the 3rd car well disguised as Dennis and won the heat! The final was between Barry, Alison and Paul with only 2.5 secs between their best times.
Result: 1st Barry, 2nd Alison (in her first 50+ event); 3rd Paul. Dennis was pleased at the end that Jane hadn't beaten him.

Thanks to Paul for organising this event. The complex also has the Body Flight Tower, Flowboarding and now a small climbing wall. You can also jump off the top of the tower should you so desire!

10 Pin Bowling - Barbara Edwards

Tenpin BowlingI was a new member to the 50+ Adventure Club and Ten Pin Bowling was the first event that I attended. Although a confident person I felt very apprehensive about going along on my own. The first person I met was Pauline who made me feel very welcome and introduced me to some of the members, already I felt more at ease.
We then joined our teams and I have to say the group Tenpin Winnersof people I joined were absolutely lovely. Judith and I hit it off immediately and Ann who has been a member for a long time gave me lots of information and fun too. Margaret and the guys were very supportive. We all supported one another. When we scored everyone applauded and we all felt for one another when we didn't. The icing on the cake was Tim on our team, who won best man for the evening and I won for the ladies to my surprise.

The evening ended with a presentation and an excellent time was had by all. I can't wait for the next event.

Indoor Karting -Jan and Tim Holt

Go Karting at NorthamptonThere we were, waiting for Mick and Ann to arrive - Keith had sworn he'd seen them. Turned out they were the only ones to read the change of meeting time in the newsletter and had gone to Sainsburys for lunch!
However we were soon in our racing overalls and balaclavas listening to the safety instructions - boards, lights and flags explained. 14 members, 7 teams of 2 eager to start the practice session, your fastest lap time determined your position on the starting block. The most number of laps completed and fastest time would decide the winner. The adrenaline was pumping as we made our way round the track for about 20 laps before changing over with our team mate; we did this twice in the 50 minutes of the race. Janet and John, Pauline and Keith whizzed around for 107 laps with Keith getting a medal for the fastest lap at 29.37 seconds, but it was Janet and John who were declared the winners, Pauline and Keith second and Janette and Alison third with 105 laps, all were presented with a trophy on the podium and individual team results given out.
Probably, having had a major back operation and 2 weeks after cataract surgery,  was not the best preparation as Tim had to pull out with only 2 minutes to go, so we were relegated to last position having only completed 91 laps and meant we had to write this report! However I thoroughly enjoyed the experience but realised I'm not that competitive. It's the taking part that counts - others may disagree!

Many thanks to Richard for organising the event.

Scaletric - Pauline Ashby
Scalectric winners and losersAlthough there were only 8 of us this time, we had a great evening racing round the track - lots of crashes and lots of laughs!
Geoff did the fastest lap - 6.457 seconds, Barry was the overall winner and John Kemp didn't know which way was up!
The wooden spoon went to John Benton - at least he went home with a certificate.

Let's hope we get a few more drivers when we go again in November.

Towcester Races - Anne Scott

Towcester RacesA fine sunny day it wasn't!! Warm welcome, there was!
As the new "Rookie" member to the club, and with this event virtually on my doorstep, what better way to meet some of the other club members??
I arrived at the appointed pub, the Plough at Shutlanger and was greeted by Richard with a beaming smile and made to feel welcome. Within a minute I was told of the downside....oh heck now what??
"Well!" said Richard "as the newest member, you get to do the write-up on the day's events" after which he announced to the rest of the group that they were off the hook!!
Introductions over, we got down to the business of devouring the Sunday roasts that were ordered, and then down to the racecourse in time for the first race.

Arriving in the entrance tent, we all took our cards and wandered off in a howling gale to pick the winner of the first race, which amazingly some did!
The weather didn't improve and basically it was freezing. The racing threw up some unexpected winners as the going was heavy and so quite a few local entries won their race with quite favourable odds as many were classed as outsiders. From the members that I bumped into during the afternoon all had won something and had a fun day and no-one was left standing around in their vest having lost their shirt!!

Bring on the next race meeting


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