This Months Activities

Saturday 11th

Get the new year off to a good start by joining us for the annual barn dance. Music by Knitters Jig and fish and chips at half time, what's not to like?

Saturday 18th

Save the World! a spymission activity of skill and brain power.

Friday 24th

Test your general knowledge, a quiz with prizes for winners and losers and a free raffle at half time.

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January Activities

New Year Barn Dance - Ray and Cathy Twelvetree

Barn danceAlthough we are both new members of the 50+ Club we have been to one of your Barn Dances at the Athletic Club before as guests.   We thoroughly enjoyed the evening.  The band was amazing.  The fish and chips were excellent and the desserts went down very well. 
We also enjoyed the company of the people around us who made us feel very welcome.  We are looking forward to future activities with the 50+ Club and to getting to know all the existing members.  Barn dances are an excellent way of interacting with other people and it was good to see everyone enjoying themselves.  

Well done to Jane and Pauline for all your hard work in arranging the event which was obviously enjoyed by all who attended. 

Spy Mission - Ian Atkinson

paul at the helicopter controlls
spy misspon group

On the 18th January nearly 30 of us intrepid souls, James Bond and GI Jane look alikes, descended on the Northampton spy experience. Luckily we had some computer literate members in our groups able to decode the missile launching sequence; but the best bit was undoubtedly the climb into the ceiling and the slide at the end!

We all had a great time and enjoyed the fare at the 'local' afterwards where due to the secrecy of the mission we were only able to relay certain security cleared stories of our missions.
We were only slightly shaken by the experience, definitely not stirred.




Annual Quiz Evening - Steve Pelling (on behalf of Eagles team)

Quiz winnersOnce again Stanion village hall was packed with 50+ club members pitting their collective wits against each other on various subjects such as films, TV, Geography, Pot luck, Spelling and even a few French vegetables!
Well this year it turned out that all the vegetables were sitting round our table as our spelling was atroshus, we couldn't remember Dirty Harry's first film, thought a French raspberry was a strawberry but took pride in knowing naff all about the X factor and intend to keep it that way!

Thanks to Richard and Janette for all their hard work in compiling and asking the questions, and congratulations to this years worthy winners who took home all the goodies!


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