This Months Activities

Thursday 6th

A social evening of tenpin bowling

Saturday 15th

A mornings climbing at the indoor wall in Northampton - Guaranteed not to rain!

Wednesday 19th

Big racing - small cars, join us for a scalextric evening,

Saturday 22nd

Who's the biggest kid on the slope? tobogganing at Tamworth Snowdome.

Saturday 29th

Keep fit and have fun with Aqua Zumba.

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November Activities

Ten Pin Bowling - Mo Allum

Tenpin bowling

Tenpin WinnersHello everyone. My friend Pauline and I came to our first 'adventure' with the 50 plus at Wellingborough 10 Pin bowling and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves! Especially as Pauline won the 'Ladies' cup! It was a fun evening and the warm welcome made us feel very much at home. Thank you everyone and congratulations to Pauline and Mick - who won the men's trophy. Many thanks to Pauline for organising such a good evening for us.

Indoor Climbing - Maureen Lydon

Indoor climbing groupThe group of 9 arrived for 10 am.
We were greeted and welcomed by Martin who was to be our instructor. Very patient and knowledgeable.
After being kitted out with climbing shoes, we had to put on the safety helmets and harnesses and adjust accordingly.
Next we were shown how to tie the safety knots. This took a little while, there Indoor climbing wallwere some knots which were a little unrecognisable and had to be done again. (At least we proved that we could tie them!) Once we succeeded we were split into teams of 3 and could begin our ascent onto the 'beginners' wall'. This proved to be viewed with trepidation and then great joy when the top of the wall was achieved. Abseiling down was great fun.
Following the beginners' wall we were allowed onto the next stage. A wall with a small slope in towards the top with a few more options of foot and hand holds. A great deal of encouragement from the people on the floor, suggesting footholds and 'there's a red handhold up to the left' etc.
Everyone had a chance to climb and belay, naturally having to redo the knots again!!
Following that we were taken to another room where we were to traverse around at one level, with a view to going along horizontally from one foot hold to the next.

It was the first experience of climbing for many of us and while there were some of us who were there to see if we could do it, by the time we finished it proved to be a very successful outing on the most part. What a sense of achievement to reach the top!!

Scalextric - Pat Fitzhugh

scalextric nightSeven of us met at Corby Scalextric Club. We were allowed on the large track to start with for a practice, then a smaller track but harder, the cars did not like the corners! There was another rally track which some had a practice on.
Then time for tea and cake after this back to the track then it became serious each of us taking turns on the different colour cars. After this I was joint second with Barry, then it all went downhill. On the last track I had to go first with no practice on this one - I came last. The boys won the night - Geoff first, Mick second Steve third. A good night had by all.

Thanks Pauline for organising it.

Tobogganing - Mary Frost

TobogganingHad a super evening tobogganing. It's such good fun; we all looked so good in amongst all the kids but I am sure some of us had a few aches afterwards. Yes, we were the oldest on the run but we were the fastest and we had the most fun...... - meal on the way home was good too. Loads of chat, laughter, drinks and food - we do it so well!



Aqua Zumba - Barbara Lees

Aqua ZumbaOne Saturday afternoon twelve ladies of a certain age decided to abandon their Christmas shopping for an introductory session of Aqua Zumba at the Nene Centre, Thrapston. Our enthusiastic tutor, Leisa Griffiths, encouraged us, after a gentle warm up, to exercise parts of our bodies which we didn't know existed. Soon, with the aid or occasional hindrance of the water, we were stretching, bouncing up and down, twisting, leaping from side to side and kicking in the air, as we tried to follow the instructions.
worn out!After about forty minutes we changed to Aqua Fit. First collect your woggle, a tubular buoyancy aid, which is long enough to wrap round parts of your anatomy. Unfortunately woggles have minds of their own and don't necessarily stay where they are meant to go. Floating across the pool was relaxing, co-ordinating breast stroke arms with a riding a bicycle leg action was more of a challenge, and only the most efficient managed to stand on the woggle as the rest of us collapsed with laughter.
A great time was had by all. Thanks to Sheila Casey for organising this event.


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