This Months Activities

Saturday 11th

Watch Northampton Saints rugby team take on Sale - could be a bruising encounter!

Sunday 12th

See the autumn colours on a pleasant walk starting from Welford, followed by Sunday lunch!

Saturday 25th

Wheelchair basket ball for all, back by popular request, energetic and great fun.

Friday 21st

Halloween is fright night at Burghley House - come if you dare!

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October Activities

Northamton Saints Rugby - Janette Taylor

This was a first for the Club when we went to watch Northampton Saints V Sale Sharks.
Most of us met at the car park which was a bonus as it was free to park on match days. Then 14 of us sat in two rows of seats that were only 5 rows back, behind the goal.
A good game in which Saints overpowered the opposition and won by 43 Points to 10.
During the warm-up when the team were battering against each other a lovely comment was heard from one of the females - 'Oh, be careful!'.
Attendance was a sell out with over 13,000 in the crowd and the whole place was a lovely family atmosphere with loads of singing and cheering and of course, lots of beefy men doing press ups in front of us - an added bonus just for the ladies.
An event worth repeating, so here's to next year, but a few of us will take the ornate pint tumblers that we kept - rather than claim the 1pound deposit back!
Thanks to Richard for organising, getting the tickets, checking the car parking - unfortunately the only thing he didn't do was organise the weather to stay dry for the full game as it was a bit showery in the last 10 minutes or so.

Autumn Walk - Stuart Rawlings

Autumn walk-which wayA large group of members arrived at The Wharf Inn Welford, to be greeted by Paul & Marilyn (the organisers), on a cool, misty autumnal morning. Boots on, gaiters tied and warm togs zipped up, whilst some girls just couldn't decide what top to wear, we left the pub and were led astray through somebody's front garden. This was the start of a lovely easterly walk across the fields, following the initial trickle of the Warwickshire River Avon, the source of which stems from Manor Farm Naseby. After an impromptu cuppa, we passed across ploughed fields, sheep meadows and enjoyed the wonderful colours of the different types of cow, assembled on our right. As we chatted our way along, with long grass underfoot, only the find of a large motorway keep left sign, directed us through the hedge and on to pretty Sibbertoft, where the official tea break and well earned rest took place.
Passing Sulby Lodge had my eyes scanning the ploughed field for fragments of Roman pottery, much to the amusement of Caron. I was in the archaeology club at school and have a distant memory of Samian ware, amongst others!
The sights and sometimes the smells were pure bucolic in nature as we joined the Jurassic Way, heading south west towards Sulby reservoir. On our right the mounds and medieval earthworks, marked the English Heritage site of Old Sulby. A settlement everyone was discussing. The sun had broken through the clouds, coats, fleeces and other apparel were coming off in the heat and as we crossed the reservoir we noted that the water levels were at least 6ft lower than normal.
Ed's note: The walk finished with an excellent Sunday lunch, including specially requested STICKY TOFFEE PUDDING!!

Circus Skills(OR "WHAT A BALLS UP") - Pauline Ashby

UnicycleUnfortunately Andy from "Balls Up Juggling" had a mix-up with his dates and didn't make it. As we could not contact the hall caretaker, 5 of us stayed behind to await his arrival. Richard Carding gave us a demonstration of unicycling and we played Rummikub! Andy has apologised profusely and we will hopefully rebook this event for early next year.



Wheelchair Basket Ball - Mary Lawson & Steve O’Brien

Wheelchair Basket ballTwelve of us started off with a degree of trepidation, after watching 'the professionals' training. First Stuart sized everybody up for a wheelchair, this was then followed by the safety briefing, useful not to chop fingers off or break any ankles etc.
Our next task was basic control of the wheelchair exercises, which then turned into a game of Bulldog. As our skills progressed we were given a ball and started routines of throwing and bouncing the ball to each other. We were then split into groups and one member had to try and get the ball from the other group, as the game progressed the competitive streak in one 50+ member got him chastised by Stuart for 'ramming'. You know who you are...
Finally we were divided into three teams, four members of the 50+ and one Phoenix club member, Let the games begin!
We pitted our skills against each other over several matches, it soon became apparent that one team outshone all the rest.
Congratulations to Steve, Steve, Hilary and especially Alison who was the overall top scorer.
The 90 minutes were up all too quickly and we all agreed that we thoroughly enjoyed the experience and wanted another go.
A big thank you to Stuart and his team for their guidance & patience, also to Pauline for organising a fantastic event.

Halloween at Burghley House - Arthur Marshall

Devils and demons
Ghoulies and ghosties
T'was a nite for the fireside
Cocoa and toasties
But nite found us gathered
At Burghley house
Time to be a man
Not a mouse
Through the portal we entered
So dark and drear
Heads held high
Showing no fear
Only seconds had passed
So it would seem
Than those in front
Started to scream
The ghoulies had gathered
And were milling around
They walked between us
With nary a sound
And when one beckoned
We had to follow
Through the dark of the house
To one sleepy hollow
Then in our midst
The one, he came
Lord of the dark
Him with no name
He led us with stories
Of times gone by
Told us of people
How they came to die
As he spoke they rose round us
Making a fuss
Shouting and screaming
At all of us
There's more I could say
More I could add
But after all that
My heads gone bad
Then through rooms and halls
He showed us the way
To the harsh beauty
Of our present day
Our thanks to 'Jude'
For giving us a fright
And taking us out
On our special night.


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