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Friday 4th

Night Walk

Sunday 6th

Indoor bowls and Christmas meal

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December Activities

Night Walk - Hilary Cornwell

Nineteen of us gathered at the Oliver Twist car park in Irthlingborough all wrapped up in hats, gloves and armed with torches ready for our walk in the dark. Considering the recent evening downpours we were extremely fortunate in having a clear, dry and not too cold evening. Jenny handed out our first treat of the evening, two chocolates (with an extra one for me as I had been 'volunteered' to do the write up!). We headed off through side roads, alleys and the churchyard, which was particularly eerie in the dark and through a housing estate where, mistaking left from right, we had a slight diversion; unfortunately one of the ladies in the group had a fall after turning round too quickly but after a moment to recover was able to continue the walk. We then headed out to the start of the greenway path, it was then that we saw the sign 'Path closed due to flooding' after a very short discussion in true 50+ tradition we carried on anyway. All that could be heard in the darkness was 'puddle left' 'puddle right' and be careful very muddy, it made for an interesting walk watching our footing through Irthlingborough Nature Reserve to the newly built covered assault course in Stanwick Lakes where miraculously Jenny produced flasks of ginger mulled wine and mince pies which went down a treat. It was then that three mad members of the group decided to tackle the assault course in the darkness guided by a few torch lights! All three managed to successfully complete the course and rejoin the group for the return journey on through part of Stanwick Lakes, back past the Rushden and Diamond ground and to Irthlingborough via the High Street. Thank you to Jenny for organising the walk and for the lovely treats.

Indoor Bowls and Christmas Meal

Indoor BowlingTime for the annual bowling/eating/drinking bash; seems to come round quicker each year.
Once everyone had been fitted out with the appropriate footwear (flat soles, no tread) and chosen their bowls, basic instruction was given by the very patient (and long-suffering) instructors from Desborough Bowls Club. The most important fact to remember is that the small circle on the bowl is the inside bias side (this means that the bowl will curve and come to rest somewhere near the jack - in theory; in practice anywhere on the rink was considered acceptable!). Not everyone got this rule correct and bowls were seen wandering merrily onto the next team’s rink, with cries of 'Oh, no!' (and worse).
There were other rules, but most were quickly forgotten amidst the banter and laughter. At the end of one and a half hours of bowling, there were winners and losers, but who they were nobody knows. After all the expenditure of energy (or lack of, in some cases) it was time for Christmas lunch provided by our caterers Peter and Denise; the general consensus was that this was well up to standard, some saying best ever. Crackers were pulled, hats donned and jokes read out, puddings and coffee served, then it was time to head off to Jane and Dennis's house for mulled wine (Sainsbury's best) and mince pies (Beckworth's finest). More chat and laughter ensued with the last members being evicted from the premises in the late afternoon. All that was left was for Jane and Dennis to say 'Isn't it quiet'. A cracking end to another fun year with our very special club.
PS From Jane (with the broken foot) 'Many thanks for the help in clearing up and packing the dishwasher!'



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