This Months Activities

Friday 6th

Brains of Fifty Plus - Quiz night at Stanion Village Hall


Ten pin bowling at the Thunderbowl Kettering

Saturday 21st

Roller blading at Rushden

Next Mounth - March

Sunday 1st

Have a flutter at Huntingdon Races

Saturday 7th

Learn practical blacksmithing skills at Stanwick Lakes

Fri/Mon 13/16th

Four day break at Centre Parcs

Saturday 28th

First aid course with St Johns Northampton

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February Activities

Quiz Night - Keith and Anne Drury

Quiz nightWe arrived at Stanion expecting our usual space right beside the bar only to find the non - drinking Star Gazers group had beaten us to it!
All was not lost thankfully, as our friendly barman Barry took our orders and made deliveries straight to our team tables. Great service with a smile.
Suitably refreshed the quiz started and we, The Nibblers, kept our end up with a mid-level position after the first 5 rounds. Alas it was not to stay like this for long. We were completely flummoxed by Pauline's food cupboard pictures and it was downhill from then on. Luckily there were some bright sparks in the room and at the end 2 teams "Richard and Arlene" and "The Final Curtain" tied in first place.
Now for a tie break question. Just by a whisker the winning team of Christine, Bob, Mary and John beat Richard, Janette, Jane and Dennis into a gallant second place. Yes, "The Nibblers" were a poor last place.

The winners Runners up
The Winners
Runners up







Thanks to Carol and Pauline for setting the questions.

Ten Pin Bowling - Steve Pelling

Bowling winnersAlmost thirty  club members gathered together for our biannual  game of tenpin bowling, this time at theThunderbowl in Kettering. We had the use of six lanes and soon sorted ourselves out into groups.
The lanes seemed to have a bit more camber than I'm  used to so the first few balls were nowhere  near the middle pin (in the gutter) and when I looked around I saw a few more people having the same problem but we soon got used to it and the strikes started to come, if not 'thick and fast'.
The two games seemed to pass by in no time and then we had to add up our own scores as the computer was having a strike of its own!

Congratulations to Christine and Jude for jointly winning the ladies and a big thank you to Pauline and Jane for organising and giving out the prizes.

Roller Blading - Marilyn Savory

Roller bladingEight of us arrived at Rushden Skating Rink to get kitted out and ready for this New Challenge. We all chose Roller Blade boots except for Frank who decided to opt for roller skates. We were offered wrist, elbow and knee supports. Once togged up and ready to go we made our way onto the rink, a bit wobbly at first, and comforting to hold onto the cill edge. After a while we braved it and let go of the cill, and did our best to skate and balance. Gradually everyone's confidence built up, some gaining quite a lot of speed, of course there was the odd fall or two but once up they were raring to go again. We tried to find Ravel's Bolero for John as he was trying all sorts of different things, he's a natural, and, who knows, will we see him on skates in the Olympics!? A brilliant time by all, yes we would do it again.
A big Thank You to Carol for organising the event.



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