This Months Activities

Saturday 10th

 New Year Barn Dance. this year dancing to the music of Oddsox

Tuesday 13th

Pub meet at The Stirrup Cup,Barton Seagrave, NN15 6QR, all welcome.

Saturday 17th

Tae Kwando, learn how to defend yourself.

Sunday 25th

Indoor Go-Karting, no weather problems!

Saturday 31st

Ukulele taster session with Market Harborough Ukulele group

Next Mounth - February

Friday 6th

Quiz night at Stanion Village Hall

Tuesday 10th

Pub meet at The Bridge Hotel, Thrapston, NN14 4JP

Thursday 19th

 Ten Pin Bowling at the Thunderbowl, Kettering

Saturday 21st

Roller blading, Rushden

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January Activities

Barn Dance

A super night to start off a new year of fun - numbers were slightly down on previous years but this meant that we had more space to fling each other around in gay abandon. The new band (Oddsox) was brilliant with excellent "calling" - some of us even managed to follow the instructions!
We will let the photos tell the story.

barn dance-1 barn dance-2
barn dance-3 barn dance-4

Tae Kwando - Carol Pullen

Tae Kwando-1Well the 50+ Adventure club certainly found their mojo at the Cargin Moss Dojo (training area) and what a great time we all had learning defensive moves in case we are attacked! After warm up exercises we were shown how to parry - someone wanting to hit us from the front with their hands, remembering to breathe out on each parry.

Tae Kwando-2We also practised kicking with our legs either to the front or side, again remembering to breathe out on each kick. Next came the same but we had to stop any blows landing on us and finally we did exercises when we didn't know where the blow would come from. Hilarity here because we had to keep up with our instructor, who we were trying to follow, with either arm or leg defence at some speed.

Next exercise was very useful if anyone catches hold of your clothing and we practised defensive moves for this. Did you know that when the police try to quieten someone by putting their hands up (palm forward) this is to ensure that they are ready if they are attacked?

Finally we put on the boxing gloves and had to hit pads either with hands or feet. Quite a lot of power in a well aimed kick ladies, either to the front or the side!!

A very useful and interesting session - thank you Sheila for arranging it.

Go Karting - Richard Stanley

Go-Karting-120 of us gathered at a new venue for the Club in Corby. This was an exciting course with ramps and sharp bends. We had a bit of a wait but all checked in then after a safety video we were kitted out with "onesies", gloves and helmet. Everyone had a few practice laps to get the feel of the track and then the races began:
5 lap heats each that meant everyone had their turn (although not in any particular order) but the racing went quickly.

Go-Karting-2Computerised times gave racing positions and fastest laps and a final of 10 laps decided the winner and the slowest (I warned everyone at the start of the racing that the slowest driver would have to do the write up) so that is why I am sitting here!! It was very slippery out there and they hadn't even gritted the corners!

There were some great Go-Karting-3races and although there was some "discussions" as to the placing, congratulations go to Frank Boydell who was the overall winner (I didn't understand that he thought I drove like a girl) Steve Pelling came in second and Alison Andrews third (Janette says thank you Alison for putting her 'up the table'!)

The print out showed Fastest Lap was Keith Merrick with 28.40 seconds (don't mention the black flag).

We then retired to the cafe for pizza and presentations

Well done RICHARD for organising (and Janette for really organising).

Our Ukulele Musical Adventure - Annie Balding

Ukulele day-2015-1Twenty one of our stalwart '50 plussers' ventured out on a snowy Saturday morning in January to make music. And that's what we did! With memories of George Formby, 'leaning on his lamp post' echoing in our ears, we sat down to begin a 2 hour session of 'ukulele for beginners' workshop.
Firstly, we were all issued with a ukulele, a music book and a pencil. (I never did use my pencil) Then Ali, our teacher for the day and leader of MHUGS ukulele group, introduced herself and gave us a brief outline of what we were to expect for the rest of the morning. At this point I was feeling less comfortable about the forthcoming music session and my lack of musical ability in particular and the proposed break for coffee and biscuits seemed a long way off for me. Looking around me though, at some of my fellow members' expressions, I realised I was not the only doubting, would-be musician, within the group.
Ukulele day-2015-2However, the lovely Ali soon put us at our ease and made it all sound like fun. She gave us advice about how best to hold our instruments, where to place our fingers on the frets to create simple chords and she showed us different techniques for something she described as 'strumming patterns'
After a few minutes of hesitant practise we were ready to begin. So, armed with our new found knowledge and Ali's repeated encouragement, we began plonking away to 'Singing in the Rain', in something like rhythmic unison.
Surprisingly, coffee break came quickly and then it was back for the second half with determination and confidence! Taking our lead from Ali we continued playing with renewed enthusiasm and questionably even a little more musicality? By this time the more able musicians amongst us, were easily managing to sing along, whilst playing and reading the music - sadly my multi-tasking skills didn't stretch that far.
As the session drew to a close with a rousing rendition of the 60's hit 'Da Doo Ron Ron', I again scanned the members' faces and everyone in the room was - smiling... And as I listened, I could have sworn I heard a chuckle from above and a north-country voice laughingly say: 'eeh, turned out nice again...'
Many thanks to Jenny & Lucy for arranging the morning's musical adventure - it was a lovely way to spend a cold winter morning.



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