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Saturday 7th

Indoor caving and climbing

Sunday 15th

Circus skills

Thursday 19th

Tenpin bowling

Saturday 28th


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November Activities

Indoor Caving and Climbing - Elaine Pell

Indoor climbing wallThank goodness the caving and climbing was indoors. It was on a dreadfully wet and windy day, that Pat, Barry and I set off to The Pinnacle at Northampton for this event. Barry decided against my advice to go cross-country to get from my house to Northampton. Obviously being a man, he knew best!!!!!! As the road was flooded in places, you couldn't see the potholes and, yes, you guessed, he got a puncture. With Pat manning the phone, to say we would be late, myself holding an umbrella, Barry very quickly changed the tyre. I take that comment back, about 'being a man', Formula One team have signed him up for their pit crew, and we carried on to the Pinnacle, soaked, but more or less on time.

Indoor cavingReally enjoyed the caving at The Pinnacle. It was a lot shorter course than the one at Hemel Hempstead which we tackled a few years ago, but I did find it very physical and quite challenging at times, especially one area which was a smooth upward tunnel, which by the time the ones at the back of the group, got to it was very slippery, with all the hot sweaty bodies that had gone on before us. A few of us slid back down, but I managed to turn over on to my back and use my legs on the top of the tunnel to push my way up until I got a hand hold. I did bottle out of the ball pit though. Was annoyed when another lady said she had gone through it head first and on her back and used the ledge above to pull herself through. Duh! Didn't think of that. Never mind, next time and would definitely do it again.

The climbing was in a separate room to the main hall, I would imagine so that the instructors could keep an eye on us all. There were easy sections and harder sections for us all to try and I think everybody did have a go. As always the instructors were brilliant.

Thanks to Jane for organising this enjoyable event.

Circus Skills - Julie Stanwell

Trapeeze artistI have just joined the club and this was my first activity. Hoorah for Sunday!
15 members attended and for two hours we were kept very busy and active. Trapezing, tight rope walking, plate spinning and juggling balls.
We all attempted every task and we made it - especially getting onto the trapeze - that was a big task in itself!
Some members stood up on the trapeze and swung, while others performed some moves known as the JugglerMermaid and even pointed their toes like a professional trapeze artist - THE REAL THING!
Lovely day and great to meet other members, even sharing some jokes. After it finished some members went for a pub meal, while others finished the day with bacon butties and cups of Rosie Lee - that was me!
PS Did anyone have any aching muscles the next morning? MOVE OVER YOUNGSTERS!


Ten Pin Bowling - Cathy Twelvetree

WinnersWe arrived at Wellingborough Bowling Alley on the evening of Thursday 19 November, the first 50+ Adventure event we had attended since the Barn Dance in January and what a thoroughly enjoyable evening it turned out to be. On arrival with 22 other members we quickly got a drink from the bar. We were then provided with bowling shoes, if we needed them, and found ourselves each a bowling ball. We were split in to 6 players per lane, occupying lanes 13 - 16. Ray and I were on lane 13 - is this supposed to be an unlucky number? The names of the bowlers were all added into the screen and we were ready to 'STRIKE' - the term for knocking all the pins down with one throw. As the evening progressed there were quite a few excited members, especially when bowling a strike.

wooden spoonFollowing the completion of the two games, the scores from each game were added together to find the top scoring man and lady. I will never believe 13 as an unlucky number again as Ray was top scoring male and, to my amazement, I was top scoring lady. We were both thrilled to receive a tin of biscuits each at the end of the evening. It was also nice that there was a bottle of wine for the lowest scorer. Hey, it's not all about winning but taking part and it was such good fun with a lot of laughs throughout the evening.

Many thanks to Pauline for arranging the event - it was a very enjoyable and fun evening.

Tobogganing - Sheila Tilbrook

TobogganingI and a couple of other 'tobogganing virgins' teamed up with many old hands at this game for what was a very fun and exhilarating evening. We all excitedly pretended to listen to the training / safety speech and then ran to grab a toboggan. I was delighted to find that there was a moving walkway to get us to the top so not too much energy was needed. I very gingerly set myself off on my first descent, quickly and involuntarily gathering speed and without a lot of steering going on. I somehow made it to the bottom, only to see that a lot of the others were already well on their way up for their second run, so obviously I wasn't going quite as fast as I felt I was! I was by this time well and truly hooked and couldn't wait to get to the top again. One of my runs, when I think I was getting a bit overconfident, resulted in me spinning so thereby facing up the hill, while travelling down it - a very nice helper came and rescued me and off I set again, in a more sedate manner. Everybody seemed to have a brilliant time and no bones were broken - result!!
Having changed into dry clothes (good advice from an experienced tobogganer had previously been given on the knicker front - men, ask your wives!) we then adjourned to a lovely restaurant in Hinckley for a meal, a drink and a good laugh.
I gathered later that booking the restaurant had been a bit of a trauma, but we got there in the end
and I would like to thank Paul for organising a great evening. Can you spot Richard on the picture?!


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