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October Activities

Walking Football - Martin Robinson

Walking Football groupI have written this for the newsletter as a way of saying sorry for hitting Shelia, not once but twice. After going to the trouble of organising the walking football she did not deserve to be treated like this. In mitigation of my brutality it was the ball I hit her with and she was standing in front of the goal. To her credit she did block two certain goals.
It was the first time I had played football in 30 years and the first time that I have ever played in front of an FA coach. He told us we played like a bunch of school children, all continuously running towards the ball. To solve this he divided the field into three - forwards, mid-field and defenders were given their own zones from which they should not stray. We did struggle at first to score goals. Our coach increased the number of forwards, reduced the number of defenders and after 70 minutes of our 2 hour session the first goal was scored.
The main difference between walking football and normal football is that you are not allowed to run. The clue is in the name. Everybody except me seemed to understand this. I gave away endless free kicks. Despite warnings from the referee and even my own team members I couldn't resist the temptation to run. The coach kept things interesting by introducing different versions of the game of football. I hadn't realised that in some variants of the game a goal can score more than one.
If you weren't able to join us, then I would heartily recommend that you should try walking football if you ever get the chance. It seems like a great way for people of varying abilities to all play together. We all had fun.

Murder Mystery - Hercule Poirot

Murder MysteryThis was a heinous crime where the headmistress of the primary school, Madeline, had been asphyxiated with a white plastic bin bag in her office, prior to a PTA meeting. There were six suspects - Grahame - Chairman of the PTA, John - a teacher approaching retirement, Phyl - a teacher with a hip flask full of vodka, Lisa - a teacher with a dubious background and married to the local vicar, Clare - the school secretary who appeared tuppence short of a shilling and James the school caretaker who had a gambling addiction and was selling school items on EBay to pay his bills! A motley crew and all with reasons to kill the very unpopular and unpleasant new headmistress.

As usual I set my little grey cells to discovering whodunit and it took me sometime to unravel the complexities of this murder. I discovered that Clare was the illegitimate daughter of the headmistress and given up for adoption many years ago. Phyl, the drunken teacher had discovered this when helping Clare to find her real mother, but was using this to blackmail the headmistress who was trying to get rid of Phyl due to her alcohol problem!! Madeline was blackmailing Lisa because they had both been at University together where Lisa had paid her way through college by prostitution and her husband did not know of her murky past. Grahame, the smooth Chairman of the PTA was on his third wife, paying huge amounts of alimony and with a failing taxidermy business and under my astute questioning I discovered he was having an affair with Madeline.

Well who did it? It could have been any of them but it was.............

Thank you to TADS for an excellent production.

Autumn Walk - Frances and Terry O'Callaghan
Autumn WalkA select band of 12 (including new member Michael. Welcome Michael) - 'The Chosen Ones'- set off from Souldrop for the Autumn walk over the hills and dales of Bedfordshire Souldrop is a very pretty village with attractive cottage gardens and a village green.
A season of mists and mellow fruitfulness. The colours of the trees and hedges were truly magnificent and on the way advice was shared on how to make sloe gin and blackberry whisky.
From the beginning we could hear engine noise and music which became louder as we approached Santa Pod. Trying to sneak in, we ducked through a hedge next to the car park but were disappointed. Finding ourselves in a practically deserted area from which only an empty stand was visible we gathered near the 'Lost Children' meeting point in damp conditions. A few refreshment stalls were open but even the Event Memorabilia shop was closed. People were scarce and we didn't have any view of the track. We moved on.
On the return, we passed by a shoot. A nice man with a gun assured us that both barrels were empty but we were encouraged on our way by the sound of shots remarkably soon afterwards.
The weather was changeable ranging from light drizzle to light rain to heavy rain but always refreshing. Indeed, so much were we enjoying ourselves that Carol added an extra leg to the walk for our benefit.
Eventually we made it back to the pub for lunch. It was a long wait for food but worth it when it arrived. For the record, the mix up over the Sausage and Mash and the Cottage Pie was not the pub's fault.
Many thanks to Carol for an enjoyable day.

Dr Fright's Halloween Night - Candice Foss

HalloweenOn entering the farm in Earls Barton a group of us had been instructed to meet under the telegraph pole at the entrance to a large marquee. Dr Fright's is an event for adults and appropriately so. There were four different walk-through attractions with different themes; very, very dark winding trails - apart from the strobe lights which blinded us - noisy and with live actors accosting us at every corner. The shorter members of the group (including me) were especially targeted - I didn't know whether to jump out of my skin, scream or laugh but in hindsight I probably did all three!

The group ventured through Hollywood Horror, Carny Carnage where an in-bred maniac tried to chainsaw off my legs, and a Nightmare on Main Street. But the scariest for me was Amityville in New York - where we were being attacked from left and right and didn't know which way to escape.

I was sceptical as how good an event it would be, having spent Halloween in the USA last year; but this was as good, especially going around in a group with the Adventure Club. The actors were amazing and must be hoarse after a week of screaming. Well laid out, with food to purchase and toilets available for those needing them after a good scare! I'm pretty sure the rest of the group made straight for the Tequila Twister bar-room for a steady drink at the end of the evening, but I was ready to get away to the quiet and tranquil setting that I call home.

Thank you for arranging a super night out Lyn.


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