This Months Activities

Tuesday 12th

Informal pub meet at The Miller, Wellingborough from 7.30pm

Prospective members welcome to come and meet us without obligation.

Sunday 10th

Outdoor Go Karting at Whilton Mill. A chance for the budding Lewis Hamiltons amongst us to show a clean pair of heals to the rest of the field.

Saturday 16th

Crossbows, Test your skill with some target practice, but please no apple or William Tells!

Saturday 17th

A Spring walk in the Northamptonshire Alps, a good leg stretching 8 miles with a pub stop half way round, what could be better?

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April Write Ups

GO KARTING - Lyn Lewis-Nichol

Gokart race in action

Any attempt to knobble some of the main contenders in the 50+ Go Karting Challenge, by giving them too much to drink the night before, miserably backfired. I was the one who ended up retiring after two races ,overcome by waves of nausea, while they went on to claim first, second, third and fifth places.

Heat of battleSteve P exacted revenge on Tony K for forcing him off the track in an earlier heat, overtaking him in the final to come in first and claim the championship. Steve also raced the fastest lap breaking the 34 second barrier with a time of 33.991 seconds.

John T fought a "Get Carter" style battle with Les C for third place but Les held his line and joined Tony K and Steve P on the podium to receive celebratory bottles of champagne. Steve P also won his own T shirt and Les C won £1 from Mick C, who came top of the leader board in the heats but was bumped onto the grass in the final and fell back to 6,th allowing Keith M to move up the order to 5th.

While the final was an all male affair, those diminutive speed demons, Pauline A and Janette T did not allow the men to have it all their own way. They both won through to the semis, but there was just too much testosterone in the air for even the feistiest of women to survive to the finals

Winners!!My advice to anyone thinking of signing up for Go Karting again next year is do not drink the night before, if you win any bottles of champagne do not leave them in the boot of your car (sorry Carol ) and watch out for Carol D who has vowed to return next year with a vengeance.

Many thanks to Clive T, Tony K and Keith M for helping me disguise the true extent of my public humiliation, but, in the end, I couldn't let Carol D take the rap.

Many thanks to Richard and Janette for organising a great day.

CROSSBOWS - Miles Goodman

Crossbow groupJust for once the skies were blue and the sun shone when six stout men and six fair maidens gathered for a morning of crossbow shooting. The party was split into two and while six of us played around with a rifle and a hand gun the rest got on with the serious business of learning the art of firing a crossbow.

Loading the bow required a fair amount of strength and six of us got the hang of it quite quickly, (and the men were not bad either). We were all having a great time when someone broke the bow string (I cannot tell a lie, it was me) and the replacement bow had 200 pound draw strength and nobody could load it, but everyone had a good go and I have to say we were pretty good.

Everyone had a really good time and a few of us expressed the wish to join a club and carry on. All in all a very enjoyable morning with the sun being a bonus. Now, where did I put that apple?

1st SPRING WALK - Ian Lane

Spring walk near BadbyThe day dawned with little cloud in the sky so, backpack containing liquid refreshments and 'energy' snacks at the ready, we made our way to the meeting point to join other members travelling from Kettering and continued our journey to Badby.

About 25 of us met in the middle of this (normally) quiet and peaceful Northamptonshire village, and set off for our mornings walk through the countryside. The sun decided to grace us with its presence, and soon sweatshirts and jumpers were coming off! The walk, led by Jane, took us past Badby village church, then along a footpath towards Badby Woods, which looked beautiful with its carpet of Bluebells. The birds were singing and the sheep & lambs were bleating as we wound our way over many stiles, up hill and down dale, enjoying more than one "refreshment" stop and views of undulating countryside. We passed through the grounds of Fawsley Hall (now an upmarket hotel, but was a Royal Manor as early as the 7th Century!) with views of the lakes in Fawsley Park (designed by Capability Brown for the Knightley family, after whom part of the walk - The Knightley Way - is named) before arriving at the village of Everdon. We followed the road through the seemingly sleepy village - we could hear the church organ playing as we walked past - and, after sending out the search party for one of our intrepid group who had become separated from everyone else, continued on our way through a few more fields, with the view of Newnham church becoming clearer every step of the way - roast Spring walk outside The Romer Armsdinner and a well earned pint were in sight! We were made more than welcome in the pub, the dinner was most enjoyable and we all rested our weary legs a little before it was time for the regulatory group photo and persuading the legs to take us the final mile or so, following the infant River Nene and on to Badby.

There were several newbies on the walk, but we were all made welcome, with lots of chatter and banter amongst the whole group, as we walked the total 7.75 miles! All in all, a lovely way to spend a Sunday!


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