This Months Activities

Sunday 7th

As seen on Country File! Paddleboarding is like surfing without the wave, using a paddle for propulsion good balance a necessity if you wish to stay dry!

Thursday 18th

A nice gentle (but very competetive) game of Petanque followed by dinner and drinks in the pub!

Saturday 20th

Enjoy an evening of vintage aircraft from the Shuttleworth Collection flying to music foolowed by a spectacular firework display.

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August Write Ups


The fastest growing water sport in the UK, even the Club's old sea dog gave it a go. This is much easier to do than water-skiing and we would recommend members give it a try if they get the chance.

addleboardingWith heart beating fast and thoughts of "Baywatch", we set off in the wind in front of plenty of pub customers. We learnt all the moves to fall in gracefully, but getting back on was not so graceful! As we have discovered on other 50+ events, the secret is to leave our dignity at home and simply to surrender to the experience. An exhilarating day and much easier than we were expecting. Once the board was moving it became very stable and it was easy to stand up. We all fell off at some point and the hardest part was climbing back on again. As it was very windy we didn't paddle up the river, but stayed in one area practising turns and getting back on the board. We all came home with a Level 1 Certificate in Paddleboarding-not bad for our first attempt.

Thanks to Pauline for organising another good activity.

Petanque (Boules) Evening-Tom and Janet Perkins

This was our first adventure with the 50+ Club, and weren't sure what to expect but we were greeted by Janette who remembered our names and then other members of the club came to welcome us which was very nice.

Petanque at LydingtonIt had been raining all day, but by the time we arrived at 7pm it had stopped. There were 36 of us, and we were in teams of six. Our team was made up of Carole, Jude who was wearing a very large 60th birthday badge, Richard and his partner (sorry forgot your name already). We had not played the game before, so weren't quite sure what the rules were, so we made our own. Carole kept score, Richard went first (you could see that his ballet lessons hadn't been wasted) as he let go of the ball so the left leg came 3ft off the ground and right arm high in the air. There was quite a bit of banter going on, and we felt we had known these people for a long time let alone only just an hour (so thank you all for that).

Dinner was served at 8.30 pm which was very nice, and then there was a surprise birthday cake for Jude who was 60 years young, which she duly cut up and served to everybody.

Again we thank everybody for making us most welcome and to Janette for organising the evening which was enjoyed by all.

Hope to see you all on our next adventure.

Flying Proms-Heather Hewitt

We arrived before noon to allow ourselves enough time to amble round the Swiss gardens and to visit the Bird of Prey centre before the Proms in the evening.

The Swiss Garden was a delight with beautiful gardens, a picturesque Swiss Cottage, a thatched tree shelter and a fernery, to name but a few of the interesting features. All surrounded by magnificent grand old trees, with a peacock or two thrown in for good measure.

The family run Bird of Prey Centre had a large collection of interesting birds and we watched a display with European eagle owls, little grey Scops owls, Red Kites and a finale with two delinquent white pelicans that had to be coaxed until they decided when they would perform. Comical looking characters they were, without a doubt. What a thrill to have Red Kites flying so close over our heads and landing just in front of us. The eagle owls flew closely over the crowd so that we could confirm that their flight was indeed silent.

Proms in the airThe Proms involved rare and unique vintage aircraft flying to music performed by a full orchestra, with a guest soprano as well. The planes included a Spitfire, Gladiator and the imposing black Westland Lysander, but the most amazing of all was a 1910 Bristol Boxkite (replica). It looked like a large amount of broom handles with shiny white paper tops on the wings, and as it was being towed onto the airfield I couldn't believe that it was capable of flight, but fly it did! It was accompanied by the smaller 1911 Avro Triplane (replica) which looked equally dangerous to fly, with the pilot at the rear of the open cockpit complete with horizontal scarf!

The evening ended with a firework display and closed what was a really good day.



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