This Months Activities

Saturday 3rd

The month gets of to a slippery start with a visit to Hampton Court for a session of ice skating.The Tudor kitchens will be in action if you need to warm up!

Thursday 8th

Another evening of fun and mayhem at the Laser Maze it might even get competitive!

Sunday 18th

Get into the festive spirit at Desborough indoor bowling club. The day starts with a bowling session followed by Christmas lunch then mulled wine and mince pies at the Chairmans house.

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December Write Ups

Ice Skating at Hampton Court By our guest George Jolly - aged 10

Ice skating at Hampton CourtWe were on our way to the outside skating rink at Hampton Court! When we got on the ice it was very slippery and we could hardly stand up. I fell over a couple of times but as time went by we all got the hang of it and I zoomed off, it was FUN FUN FUN! When it was time to come off the ice I went back to the kitchens to dry my trousers by the big log fire where earlier they had been roasting meat on a spit and I had been shown how to write my name with a feather. Thank you 50+ for letting me come on your trip.



Laser Maze - Richard Owen

Laser Maze groupAs usual, this was an excellent evening. For anyone who doesn't know about laser maze, or what it entails, then you're missing out. Briefly, a group of people, 17 in our case:-

Written like this it sounds a bit bizarre and best suited to people in need of analysis. However, it's really fun and it doesn't matter if you don't win - about as much as any other competitive activity in the club! Thank you very much for organising it Pauline.

Indoor Bowls - Arthur Marshall

Then came the day of the Christmas bash
My team beside me I was feeling quite flash
First gentle Richard with his steely eyed smile
Delivered his bowls, missed by a mile
Followed by Janette and a "snakes alive"
We're playing lane 2 love not number 5
Next was Carol our lady of grace
This was it, I was playing our ace
There she stood, ready in line
Over her shoulder her trusty nine iron
Then it happened I was embarrassed to see
Every bowl delivered, a bloody googlie
Then came my turn, I was feeling quite down
On my forehead, I was wearing a frown
Then every bowl I delivered I cried stupid git
As I stood and watch them drop into the pit
At last it was over the other team won
But it didn't matter for we all had good fun.

Indoor bowling at Desborough



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