This Months Activities

Tuesday 8th

Informal pub meet at the Piper Kettering from 7.30pm

Prospective members welcome to come and meet us without obligation.

Thursday 10th

Laser tag pain free shooting game using state of the art computor controlled equipment whilst running around a kids play area!!

Saturday 12th

Murder Mystery Who, why, where? all will be revealed on the night.

Friday 25th

Night walk a chance to see the night sky from the countryside and to walk through the deep dark scary wood!!

Monday 28th

Enjoy an evening of perfect harmony (perhaps!) try your skills at Handbell Ringing.

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March Write Ups

2nd WINTER WALK (By popular demand)

No write up for this but the pictures tell the story -

Walk in sunWalk in mud






First the sun
Then the mud

Walk in rain

Followed by rain!!

LASER MAZE - Rita East

Coming down the big slideEighteen people attended the Laser Maze evening on 10th  March.  We had a warm up game to get used to the laser guns.  This was followed by two team games where we tried - unsuccessfully - to find the opposing team's hidden flag (actually a hat).  An individual game of trying to score as many points as possible rounded off the evening.  A big bonus during the evening was the chance to have a go on the slides, swings and trampolines!.




The first mystery was how to negotiate the dark country roads of Northamptonshire and find Yelden. A dreadful murder had taken place at Yelden Village Hall. The bridegroom had been found asphyxiated in the side room. It was our task to find the culprit.

We were given a brief scenario and a list of six suspects all of whom had a reason for wanting the groom dead! What a shady lot they were. - drug dealing father, young stepmother and a caterer with a grudge, the list went on. Each table was invited to interview all of the suspects who were brilliantly played by the members of Thrapston Amateur Dramatic Group.

Who was telling the truth? What did ex-partner of the groom mean? What were the best man and the chief bridesmaid up to in the side room? Between each round we were given forensic evidence. Why was the bouquet in the side room and blood on the champagne bottle but no fingerprints? It all became more and more confusing. Finally we were given the opportunity to ask two more questions before making our final decision.

Fortunately our table had Detective Peta, a forensics expert. It was obvious to her that it was the bride's step mother who would lose her blackmail money and who would be devastated at being rejected for a younger model. The rest of us didn't seem to be very convinced but Peta "stuck to her guns" and proved to be right. Thanks to Anne and her helpers for a lovely supper. This was an excellent evening enjoyed by all.

NIGHT WALK - Anne and Keith Drury

Hopping over the stileOn Friday 25th March a  motley bunch of us assembled at dusk outside The Dukes Arms at Woodford. After checking we all had torches of some sort and Richard had warned Janette that he didn't want to find her in the Dukes arms later, we set off. On leaving the village Jenny set a cracking pace but fortunately had organised 2 strong backmarkers to bring up the rear and chivvy everyone along.

At stop one several knowledgeable astronomers were able to point out the main features of the night sky, including a couple of possible UFOs (or planes said Jane)

We carried on trekking  to stop two where we were offered 2 sweeties each, by our thoughtful leader Jenny, to mark the half way point.

It was a cool but dry evening so not too hard going and as we marched along the peaceful night air was broken only by the sounds of wind up torches and the merry banter of small groups.

Relaxing in the pubAt our third stop (in the woods & scary !!! )  our efforts to listen to the local 'wildlife' failed . I am quite sure 'they' heard us and thought " better keep our heads down" - not sure about this lot!"

A family out walking their dog were a bit surprised to find our group cluttering up the pathway of their evening stroll thro' the wood.

After a pleasant 2 hour jaunt we arrived safely at the pub where we adjourned for a thirst quencher. We made our way outside to the smokers area where we took over the comfy settees by the blazing wood fire to chat and relax a bit more - I didn't see any smokers but then they would have struggled to find a space in the area which is mentioned in the Northamptonshire guides as the Best Outdoor Smokers Area in the county!

HANDBELLS - Gill Greaves

A visit to the Stanwick Hand Bell Ringer was to be my first Adventure 50+ activity and I wasn't really sure what to expect. However when I arrived at Stanwick Village Hall I was given a very warm and friendly greeting by the Ringers and all my fellow Adventure 50+ colleagues!

The evening started with the Stanwick Hand Bell Ringers giving us a performance that ranged from Gilbert & Sullivan to telling the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears by hand bells - very diverse.The Ringers were very relaxed and unfazed by the presence of the large audience - indeed some could conduct and play the bells at the same time!!

Following on from their expert performance the Stanwick Hand Bell Ringers provided an open practice for all of us to "have a go" Performing under the close scrutiny of a large friendly audience I enjoyed my part in playing the hand bells!! Believe me it is all in the wrist action, I had thought you would just shake the bells but now know that there is a technique.I started off by reading the music wrong and tried to play all the B & C notes before settling down and just playing the B & C notes that applied to my hand bells!"Edelweiss" will never sound the same again! We had a great time - many of us had never so much as rung a peal before let alone managed a tune! Looking forward to my next "new experience"!!


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