This Months Activities

Thursday 3rd

Tenpin bowling Test your bowling skills, enjoy good company, have a drink and finish with a meal, what could be better?

Thursday 17th

Dance away those winter blues with a tutored Rock and Roll session.

Saturday 19th

A day of archery and climbing at Grafham water center Who will be the Robin Hood with the arrows or Chris Bonnington on the climbing wall. A fun day out in an indoor setting.(No getting wet)

Wednesday 23rd

Enjoy an evening of car racing on a minature scale at Wellingborough scalextric club all the thrill of the chase without the injuries!

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November Write Ups

10 Pin Bowling - Anon

Bowling group46 members arrived at AMF Bowling ready for our winter session to see who the Kingpin was this time. Once we had all got our shoes on we sorted ourselves out and started bowling. This event gives everyone time to chat and lots of catching-up was done.
After two games we all enjoyed our supper-very cosy as we had a different seating arrangement to last time. Lady and top Gent and gave out prizes to them and to Julia Brookes, who received a prize for the lowest score (you don't have to be a winner to get a prize in this Club!)
It was quite a late finish as we only had six lanes instead of eight, due to a staff mix-up, so everyone said their "Goodnights" and set off home.
It was suggested that next time we just bowl and not eat as it makes a late finish or start earlier -please can you let Pauline know your thoughts on this.

Dancing - Pauline Ashby

We all gathered at Stanion Village Hall for an evening of Blues-style Rock and Roll with Jenny Walker's son, Steve. After watching a demonstration of the four moves we were going to learn, we paired-up ready to go. We practised move 1 slowly to start with but getting faster each time. Finally we did it to music - easy (I use this term loosely).
We learnt move 2 and put it together with move 1 - not so easy. This continued until we had mastered all 4 moves and put them all together - definitely not so easy.
After a quick break for a drink we practised our routine until we all felt very pleased with ourselves. Quite hot and tired, we thanked Steve for a most enjoyable evening and headed off home with all the moves whirling round in our heads.

Archery and Climbing Wall (1) - John Wilson

Archert at GrafhamAfter a morning of archery (top scores to the ladies) and a picnic lunch, Maureen, Lyn, Tony and I prepared to face THE WALL Unfortunately Tony's sore hand prevented him from climbing but he did give us his belaying skills and encouragement. We all gave it our best and all made it to the top.
Well done to Maureen, who did not give up and made it to the top on her third attempt.
Our thanks to all the staff at Grafham and to Paul for a great day.

Archery and Climbing Wall (2) - Tracy Cooper & Sharon Hunt

Climbing  wall at GrafhamWe arrived at Grafham Water Centre for a day of wall climbing and archery. Great, we've both been looking forward to this. We all started with a chat and a cup of coffee, always a good idea. We split into 2 groups and our group started on the climbing wall. We were put into groups of three, one climbing, one belaying (this is feeding the rope through) and as an extra precaution, one as an anchor man. Peter joined us and we were off.! There were different levels of difficulty with one of the walls having an overhang so you really had to cling on! We managed to do them all and even went back to do our favourites again. We stopped for lunch sitting outside to eat our picnic in the sun and to give our arms a well deserved rest before getting started on the archery.
Harry, a very patient member of staff gave us a brief instruction in the best way to use the bows and we all had a practice. Some of us got the hang of it quite quickly, some of us didn't! We had some team games and things got a little bit more competitive, but it was all good fun! Mary was the overall winner. (Yeah, Girl Power!) Harry decided we could all be William Tell and placed apples on the top of everyone's targets. Well done to John who was the first to hit one (no mean feat!) We would definitely do both of these sports again especially the wall climbing. Surprisingly there were no broken bones or aching muscles the next day, just a huge bruise on my elbow from the bowstring due apparently to my bad technique!

SCALEXTRIC - Valerie Flude

Scalextric racingOn a cold dark November evening, 17 members assembled on the top floor of a Wellingborough factory for a night of racing Scalextric cars. We started of with a practice session, as most of us had not used Scalextric since we were teenagers or younger. There was a set of 6 different colour racing cars, which each had its own "personality". To give everyone an equal chance, we raced each colour car for 20 laps of the course. We also had to marshall the course as the cars often came off the track on the beds. This involved repositioning the car in its correct lane. When all 16 heats had been run, we held the finals. Geoff was the overall winner and he also had the fastest lap time. I came in 16th out of 17. I never was any good at sport!
Many thanks to Pauline for organising a very good evening.



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