This Months Activities

Tuesday 11th

Informal pub meet at The Stirrup Cup, Barton Seagrave from 7.30pm

Prospective members welcome to come and meet us and find out more about the club without obligation.

Saturday 15th

Start the new year off with a Barn Dance

Thursday 20th

Get the beat with Native American Drumming

Saturday 22th

Get your eye in and try some Pistol shooting

Saturday 29th

Who will be the sharpest tool in the box on Quiz Night


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January Write Ups

NEW YEAR BARN DANCE - Janette Taylor

petaphl1After what has been months of planning for Jane and Pauline, Richard and I  arrived at Kettering Athletic Club in time to help lay the tables with wine and glasses while the band, "Knitters Jig", made sure the sound was perfect.   Members and guests totalling 98 joined the party for what proved to be a wonderful night.

Norma, the "caller", from the band, was encouraging everyone (even if you were under the weather) to join in with some great dances including Pat-a-Cake Polka and the Gay Gordons that she knew we would thoroughly enjoy.  Good job the dance floor was big enough as at times there were two groups one within another, circling, arching and weaving. 

After a few dances (and beers!) the Chicken and Chips arrived (with extra chips!) that we tucked into, these were followed by some delicious cheesecake and gateaux.

We were then up for another session of dancing, we thought we were expert by this time! The laughs and giggles made for a terrific night (hope your nose is okay Caroline!) and our sincere thanks go to Jane and Pauline for all the organisation.


Native American drummingAs a new member, this was my first event.

Some thirty members joined in this Pow Wow, sitting in a circle around a table, which was the altar, on which sat four animals - eagle, wolf, bear and bison, representing the four seasons and their strengths which had meanings in their lives.

We were told that our drum beats and heart beats would connect to Mother Earth. 

We were then given round flat drums with deer skin stretched over a wooden frame and a beater.  We were then taught to beat the drums in time to one, two, three and four beats, which most members mastered quite quickly.  A session of drumming then took place, which did encourage some dancing and whooping.  I am sure if any warring warriors were in the Ise Village area at the time they would have retreated rapidly.  The only things missing were a totem pole and feather headdresses.

This was followed by some Indian chanting and finished with a good old sing song.

Finally we had to come back down to a normal state of mind and body before we could venture home.

The passion and enthusiasm of Teena and Glenis who took us through the evening was infectious.

A spiritual, energetic, noisy, fun evening was enjoyed by all.


Rifle shooting at Nene Valley Shooting CentreA very enjoyable morning was had at Woodford as we developed our skills shooting both rifles and pistols. After a safety talk, my group tried the rifles first, and after an initial problem getting them to function properly, the next difficulty was actually being able to see where on the target we had hit! If in doubt, a collective shout of "it's at 4 o'clock" seemed to cover most eventualities.

After about an hour we swapped areas and tried the pistols. Here we could shoot pellets at both targets and objects. Great pride and pleasure was had from the whole group, and the instructor, as the items flew in the air as they were hit.

This was my first attempt at shooting these guns, and although it was a cold and drizzly day, I had reasonable success and would welcome another turn next time. My group was very friendly and we encouraged and congratulated each other as we progressed. A lovely first adventure for me with this club.

QUIZ NIGHT - David Turner

Quiz night winnersStanion village hall was packed for the first ever 50+ quiz night.

The evening turned out to be very boisterous and enjoyable. The quiz masters - Richard and Ann - did a sterling job, devising easy, tricky and difficult questions. Teams were made up of 4 people per table and silly names were devised. There were 10 rounds with 10 questions, plus a tricky photo quiz based around pictures of the committee taken in earlier times.

Before the winners could be announced a tie-break for first and last was held with the Distant Memories winning and the Drained Brains finishing last. Each member of the winning team was presented with a bottle of wine, the losers with a tube of Smarties.

Being part of the loosing team, it goes without saying there was a lot I didn’t know but with a score of 67 and the winning team 80 I think overall it was quite a close affair.  I hope this will be the first of many quiz nights.

Thanks again to Ann and Richard for a very enjoyable evening.



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