This Months Activities

Thursday 6th

Get in shape for Christmas and have fun at the same time with a session of Zumba dancing.

Saturday 8th

Even more fun and exercise, this time at Rushden Splash Leisure Pool.You will have the Flume and a giant inflatable floating climbing frame to play on as well as swimming.

Saturday 15th

Time to get into the festive spirit, we are traveling by coach to the Albert Hall for a concert of festive music. there will be some free time for shopping or sightseeing.

Sunday 16th

The last event of the year, ever popular indoor bowls. Two hours of bowling followed by a two course Christmas lunch followed by mulled wine and mince pies at the Chairmans house.

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December Write Ups

ZUMBA DANCING - Jenny Walker

Zumba DancingJust over twenty eager 50+ members met up to take part in this dance workout! Phew.... The class was taken by Carolyn, and she explained before we started, that Zumba started in South America, by a fitness instructor, who arrived to take a class, without his usual music, so he used what he had with him, putting movement to this South American sound, it was an instant success and Zumba was born. We all did our best!! Carolyn was very clear and encouraged us to do what we could, not to worry if our arms did not follow our leg work, and in most efforts it didn't! An hour later all looking very pink and worked-out, everyone had had a great time. Thank you to Pauline and Anne Dodson for arranging a great evening.

SWIMMING ANTICS - Judith Sampson

swimming fun at Rushden SplashA whole swimming pool all to ourselves. Warm, clean, spacious. What could be better? And not just the pool. Bubbles, a flume and a gigantic inflatable. Every seven year-olds dream. And pretty good for 50+ too.
We started with a safety briefing. Fairly essential since one member of the party managed to fall over before we even got started on that! And then off we swam, or paddled, according to our wont. Some headed for the bubbles and relaxed, just watching. Some shot up the stairs of the flume and shot down even more quickly into the splash pool. And repeated the experience, again and again...
But, undoubtedly, the star attraction was the inflatable. It took up at least half the pool and was a kind of obstacle, assault course. We had to climb onto the starting platform and then work our way through barriers, over bridges, past swinging dumb-bells and finally, with crows of triumph, splash down into the water. Not everyone managed it though, not even with people in the water holding them and and pushing at the right moment, but it was such fun!
Being 50-plussers we also devised our own amusements. Races, of course, and a gentle game of Water Charades, acting out such water-themed classics as Jaws, Titanic and Watership Down (think about it). And who was it that suggested Free Willy? I'm not saying.

The hour just sped by and afterwards we were grateful for the table of drinks and snacks that were provided. Thank you for organising this Carol. An excellent activity and one that I hope will be repeated soon.


Albrt Hall Christmas concertThis proved to be a very popular 50+ trip to London by coach.
After arriving at Marble Arch we winged our separate ways. Our little group wandered into Hyde Park and enjoyed exploring Winter Wonderland full of little stalls and various amusements. We enjoyed watching the ice skaters and then got into the festive mood by indulging in a hot mug of Gluhwein. We meandered along and eventually found our way to The Royal Kensington Gardens Hotel. We had booked a table overlooking the park. We were then treated to a sumptuous afternoon tea of luxury sandwiches, warm scones and clotted cream and homemade cakes whilst sipping lashings of Earl Grey tea whilst being serenaded by a pianist
We browsed the bustling shops of Kensington High Street whilst wending our way on the 10minute walk to the imposing Royal Albert Hall. We slowly met up with the other members - a first visit for many of us. As we filed into the cavernous atmospheric hall it had a real wow factor with Christmas trees and beautiful lighting. It was billed as a Christmas Concert but it encompassed a lot more for it became interactive with singers and dancers suddenly appearing down the aisles in Santa suits - smelling wonderful. The audience participation was infectious. It became a Christmas night at the Proms.
All too soon with thoughts of a return visit we headed out into the dark night air where our trusty steed awaited us. However, our adventure had not ended for as we drew away in high spirits we were treated to a leisurely ride passing the iconic Harrods then down Oxford Street with all the large stores bulging with exciting goods and the lights suspended over the street were very special.
We were held up by what appeared to be a large motley "flash mob" of dozens of Santa's - all on roller blades wending their way slowly through the traffic.
Our thanks must go to Carol Pullen and Paul Rogers for their organisational skills.


Indoor bowls team
Christmas lunch at Desborough indoor bowls club

Our last event of the year and, judging by the number of members who had booked, one of our most popular (it's the food that does it; always brings out the punters!). We filled all of the rinks at the Desborough Indoor Bowls Club and attempted to remember the rules from previous years - small bias to the inside of the curve, remember that the woods don't go straight, aim for someone standing at the end of the next door rink, keep one foot on the mat and away you go! Our instructors had the patience of saints, as always. We found that while theywatched over us we were reasonably successful but once their backs were turned, everything went to pot! Confusion reigned supreme when we got the bias wrong - our woods careering across the rinks, scattering other members' woods, jacks and bruising the odd ankle or two. All adds to the excitement! Two hours of fierce competition was followed by Christmas lunch, then mulled wine and mince pies chez Dennis and Jane. A fitting end to a very busy year of activities.


PS Well done to those of you who had been on the London trip the day before!


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