This Months Activities

Saturday 4th

Quiz Night, a chance to pit your wits against all the budding Eggheads amongst us.

Saturday 11th

Tobogganing another popular and exhillerating evening at Tamworth Snowdome.

Wednesday 15th

Scalextric evening, the thrills and spills of motor racing at Wellingborough scalextric club

Friday 17th

Night walk, finishing in the pub to calm your nerves.

Sunday 26th

Enjoy a day out at Towcester races, best bring a spare shirt!

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February Write Ups

QUIZ EVENING - Sharon Lane

Watching the weather forecast in the few days prior and, indeed, keeping an eye on the internet forecast, we thought "will we/won't we get to the 50+ quiz??"!! We decided that the forecasters are rarely right, so we would give it a go and were collected by Janice, picking up Annie on the way. The roads had a covering of snow, which may have had a little bearing on the name we chose for our team - "The Intrepid Adventurers".
Despite the weather, the evening was well attended and the quiz was extremely well put together by Carol and Pauline, with a wide variety of subjects covered in the questions.
At half time, some of us glanced outside at the snowfall and decided that all was ok, and the evening would continue.
The winnersThe questions continued - when the answers were read out, we thought maybe we hadn't done too badly - how wrong can you be!! The Intrepid Adventurers came a resounding LAST, but we very much appreciated our prizes - quiz books - maybe we'll do better next time eh??!! Congratulations to the winning team "Red Lorries, Yellow Lorries".
As the evening drew to a close, the real fun and problems began! The snow had fallen with a vengeance!! Cars were being pushed out of the car park and through the village - even the main roads were only just passable! But, in true 50+ style, everyone mucked in together to get the vehicles moving and, I think, everyone eventually got home in one piece!!

Thank you to the organisers for another adventurous event!!
Ed's note - to that member who shot red lights and drove the wrong way round roundabouts in an effort to keep moving, your identity is safe with us!


We all set off at various times to Tamworth for an hour's tobogganing. First there was the safety lecture and then we barged little kids out of the way so that we were first onto the slope. We were going to keep count of the number of runs but we were having such fun whizzing down the slope that everyone lost count. So Dennis's record remains. Then it was to the pub for an excellent meal - as much salad as one wanted and then a main course. Jane then gave out vouchers for a free sweet! On our table was Colonel Bill. I was rather concerned that Jane could have been accused of helping a soldier to desert!
Thanks to Jane for a fun evening.


Race nightOnly 9 of us fancied it this time, which was good as we all had more time racing (and crashing). After an hour of practise we started our heats, all having a race on each of the six lanes. Poor David (from the Scalextric club) spent most of the evening repairing our cars and muttering under his breath. Our cars were not racing at full speed - that would have been disastrous! - so anybody who did a lap in under 7 seconds was considered pretty good. Three of us managed it, so perhaps next time they w. . After semi-finals and the Grand Final the winner was Mick Cook with Geoff Simpson coming second. A great night was had by all. Our next visit should be at their new premises in Corby - I personally can't wait!

 NIGHT WALK (1) - Arthur Marshall

Our last night walk was a bit of a farce
It started off with me on my arse
People were worried and standing around
Looking at me there on the ground
Are you hurt dear boy, I do declare
If anything's broken I'll pull out my hair
But he's signed a disclaimer you sighed in relief
You're all smiles now, gone is the grief
We're all set now, another walk in the dark
I was feeling quite good, out for a lark
But committee said "ART" no fooling around
Keep both of your feet down on the ground
No leaping about no climbing that tree
You're an old man now not 23
So with hands in pockets I trundled along
Afraid to whistle or burst into song
No one to console me no one to care
Then I saw a gate, and thought, do I dare?

NIGHT WALK (2) - Anita Solan
This was my first event and chance to meet some of the lovely members of the 50+ club. After a very warm welcome, two groups set off in opposite directions, to enjoy a pleasant stroll through Ringstead village. Much chatter ensued and soon, beside a moonlit lake, we were offered our first treat - a huge bag of "Roses" chocolates. After a distance we were asked to quieten down, switch off our torches and hide in the bushes to spring a surprise on the other group. Sadly this turned out to be a false alarm! On our way again, on a very balmy starry night, we were spooked by a walking in the darkskeleton gliding by! Most walkers managed to suppress their screams of terror and continue on!

Down by the railway track we were able to stretch our legs for a brisk couple of miles and were offered our second treat provided by Jenny - a lovely hot toddy - which was very welcome. Shouts of greeting were heard to the other group passing in the opposite direction.

After a couple more miles we made it back to the pub - our third treat - without injury or managing to lose anyone, thanks to Paul. A good turn out, plenty of good cheer and a noisier crowd I had rarely had the pleasure of meeting. In the pub I discovered that the scary skeleton was the lovely Lucy!

TOWCESTER RACES - Assorted Northampton lady members (with faulty SatNav)

On a sunny February afternoon 28 club members met for an enjoyable day out at the races. First betting ladiesup was the rendezvous at a nearby local hostelry for Sunday lunch and despite a somewhat late arrival by the local club members, the meal gained universal approval. "Tipster Tony" complete with his racing newspaper sat in the corner happy to offer advice on form and racing jargon to anyone, but once at the racecourse it seemed to us, despite studying their programmes intensely whist watching the horses in the parade ring, members were choosing their runners by the horses' names or the colour of the jockeys' silks, rather than odds or form.

Over the course of the afternoon's races, fortunes were varied. John won 57p on a race, Carole had a winner but there was no jockey on the horse and Richard and Janette were settling on poached eggs for supper rather than a celebratory meal on the way home!!
We didn't have any successes between us. Well done to all those who had winners on the day but I'm sure whatever our results, everyone enjoyed taking part in this outing by the club.

Thanks go to Richard for organising it.
PS We need another one to try and win back our money!!
Jude, Carole, Anita and Carol (the latecomers - which is why Jane made us write the report!!)


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