This Months Activities

Thursday 8th

Tenpin Bowling, always a popular event with a meal afterwards

Saturday 10th

Indoor games day, a new event, come and try your luck at a variety of games. Bar and food available.

Saturday 17th

The indoor climbing wall at the Pinnacle Climbing Centre is your venue for this heady event. Climb in safety with fully Qualified instructers.

Thursday 27th

Laserforce new venue, but still the same fun and mayhem!

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March Write Ups

TEN PIN BOWLING - Pat and Brian Hatton

Tenpin bowling at WellingboroughAs "newbies" Brian and I arrived in plenty of time (didn't want to be late on our first activity, need to make a good impression) and introduced ourselves to others at the bar, where else! Others duly arrived and immediately made us welcome. The activity was well attended. We took up our positions on various lanes and battle commenced. With lots of enthusiasm and skill we played two games. Some of us fared better than others but not for the want of trying. At the end of the session two people were awarded prizes for the highest scores: Steve Pelling (277) and Jude Ellingham (210) and both were heartily congratulated. A vote of thanks was also given to Pauline, the event organiser. Some of us stayed on for a meal and a chat and for us this proved most informative and gave us a better insight to the club.
The night was most enjoyable and Brian and I are looking forward to future events.

GAMES DAY - Richard, Janette and Jane

Serious cards33 Members gathered at Stanion Village Hall for the Club's first Games Day.
Games included Putting, Skittles, Darts, Yahtzee (that funny Japanese Game) Newmarket and Cribbage, Table Jenga and smaller table games.
Putting - where two pieces of carpet were laid out - one with a hole in and one with circles - and where you had to hit the golf ball to either get in the hole or the circle. This was not as easy as it sounds. Some of the lady members managed to get a hole in one - well done to Sandra and keep practising Dennis.
Skittles - We managed to procure a proper pub skittles table (thanks Jenny). Three round blocks (cheeses) were thrown at nine skittles. We made up our own games until Hilary arrived - then eight of us had a "real" game. Bill demonstrated his skill by smashing one cheese into the radiator and one narrowly missing our legs. Kate won the game much to the distress of Bill. Jane nearly had Richard attending the dentist with one of her cheeses! But Mary's unusual way of throwing her cheeses seemed to be paying off, knocking all the skittles down. A good fun game.
Darts - many of us tried our hand at different games, Marilyn, Ann Drury and Janette played "round the board" - Janette was well ahead but got pipped at the post by Anne.
(Richard's calculations took longer than some of the dart throwing).
Cards - Dennis spent most of the day drinking beer and running a cribbage workshop. Very serious stuff! Jane brought along her life savings for the stakes in Newmarket but unfortunately demanded it all back at the end - claiming that she was going on holiday shortly and needed some spending money.
Thanks to Anne Dodson for the hard work in preparing the wonderful lunch for us all and a special mention to her helpers - Ann, Lyn and Paul.


VENUE: A unit somewhere in outer Northampton.
TASKFORCE: 12x50+ers.
TASK: To climb where no other 50+ers have ever climbed before, using the smallest and most ridiculously placed hand and foot holds imaginable, whilst wearing a harness attached to a counterweight (my hero Peter) holding on for dear life. Once climb accomplished, lean back and walk backwards down to the ground.
OBJECTIVE: To have fun.

LASERFORCE - Carole Houghton

There were 22 of the 50+ Club meeting at the Sol Central for Laserforce. We were all excited as this was a new venue and didn't know what to expect. After being greeted, we were taken to the briefing room where we were given instructions on rules and regs, do's and don'ts - mainly "have a great time and don't drop your weapon".
We were then put into groups - two of 7 and one of 8 then onto the armoury to get kitted up in our vests and guns. Off into the maze - "Let the game begin"!!!
22 people suddenly let loose in a maze trying to kill each other for 15 mins was exhilarating and then "Game Over". We came out for debriefing rather warm but feeling like teenagers. "Who went into the forest and who zapped the alien and prime targets"? We were asked. What forest, what alien and what prime targets we said?!!! So, there are 3 levels - a forest, an alien and prime targets - WOW!
Off we go again into the maze, this time armed with knowledge of 3 floors and targets but also our weapons are now able to have a machine-gun effect. 15 mins later out we come checking our scores and asking each other "who found the forest"?
Time for our last encounter with the maze and its All for one and one for All (sorry wrong film) Red, Green and Blue teams and we're off - zapping prime targets and telling team-mates where they are and the alien....." Is he on your side or your opponents"?
Our time is again up and out we pile, red-faces and very warm. How can you have so much fun when you're over 50? Our scores are on the screen "Skymaster" is 1st for the red team with 13956. 2nd is "Salamander" for the green team with 13706 and 3rd is "Bluesteel" for the red team with 13106.
Thank you Lyn for a great night and fantastic new venue.
PS Note to Editor: I was late for Towcester Races so had to do write-up. I was "Skymaster" and my penalty was still to do write-up. Please Miss can I now be excused for the rest of the year?



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