This Months Activities

Wednesday 7th

Scalextric night at Wellingborough scalextric clubs new venue, will you be Jenson Button or Mr Bean?

Thursday 15th

Always popular, tenpin bowling a very social event with food to follow. what's not to like?

Saturday 17th

Si5 Spy missions, negotiate the obstacles, save the World whilst time is against you.

Sunday 25th

Archery and Climbing Wall at Grafham Water Sports Centre. learn to climb and shoot an arrow all indoors and under professional instruction.

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November Write Ups


It was a dark and moonlit night
All Hallows Eve was here
We went in search of spirits
And perhaps a glass of beer
We made our way to Stamford
The ghouls were out in force
We hoped to see a proper ghost
Or maybe "eadless" orse
Beetlejuice, our able guide
Told tales of fear and dread
And frightened the young ladies
With tales of the undead
His minions were a motley crew
And followed us around
Some arching over alleyways
Some lying on the ground
Methinks I saw some Vampires
And a headless man I'm sure
And people with their throats cut
And other types of gore
I wasn't frightened not one bit
I laughed in the face of fear
'Til someone crept up from behind
And screamed into my ear!
They led us on down alleyways
And back streets dark and pokey
To stand upon the Bus Station
And do the Hokey Cokey!!!??

A thrilling time was had by all
We were scared unto the pale
Then to the local hostelry
For beer and crisps and ale
The ale was good, the beer was fine
The bar stool had a swivel
And I was made by devious trick
To write this load of drivel


This is the 3rd time I have done this event and don't seem to be getting any better at it. Still can't keep car on track. There is far too much competitiveness amongst the men, who stamp their feet and sulk if they don't win, not like the female contingency. You never hear me shouting if somebody crashes in front of my car, forcing it off the track.
scalextric racingThe new venue is far better than the old one in Wellingborough. Better parking in well lit area. Also better loos. I must applaud the members of the car club for their enthusiasm for this event, making it a really good enjoyable night. They have got it all computerised now with the traffic light system on the starting grid, on a computer monitor, which also shows your lap times, number of laps etc and position, which I found fascinating to watch, perhaps I should have watched the car more instead.
Overall winner was Geoff with 33 points, with Steve getting fastest lap time of 6.247. Certificates and medals were awarded accordingly event a wooden spoon certificate for Pat, who came last but it was her first event. Overall comment on this event is that it is good value for money.

TEN PIN BOWLING - Rob Wade (Kingpin)

As a new member who had never met any of the other members before, it was great to be made so welcome by everyone from the start. 30 of us turned up at AMF Bowling in Wellingborough and with 6 members per lane everyone had the chance of a couple of games with time for a trip to the bar if you needed a bit of lubrication. After the bowling there was a chance for a bite to eat and a chat.

tenpin bowling winners

This is a twice yearly event and I was not aware that there were trophies at the end although as I ended up winning I got the honour of writing this article The next Ten Pin event is on Valentine's night 2013 . Thanks to Pauline for organising and again to everyone who made me so welcome.

Caron (pictured with Rob) won the ladies' trophy.

Si5 SPY MISSIONS - Lyn Bennison

A cross between Mission Impossible and the Crystal Maze, so says the literature. About 18 of us intrepid adventurers decided to find out what this experience had to offer. We arrived at the Grid in Milton Keynes; it looked a pretty ordinary industrial estate unit on the outside but housed an amazing world of intrigue inside. We split into 2 teams of virgin spies (my team was called ACE Venturers) and aimed to compete with each other on a mission to save the world. Each team had an appointed guide to steer us through the mission. We boarded a Nighthawk stealth helicopter to fly us to our mission - sound and light effects expertly controlled by our friendly guide made the experience very realistic. On landing we zip wired down to the roof of the ship and then heaved our aging bodies through obstacles, up and down small corridors and tunnels, all made to feel like lift and ventilation channels, so that we could safely breach the high security systems and enter the ship's control centre. Always mindful of diminishing time we learned how to deactivate computerised control systems and decipher crucial information sheets in order to input the data needed to detonate C4 explosives and then race out of the ventilation shaft in our adrenalin-fuelled race to escape. Mission accomplished!!! We managed a very impressive score of 395 which matched admirably any score gained by a similar bunch of agile young kids - we were bound to win!
Well I guess the other team thought so too - they scored 395 too.
An amazing way to spend a Saturday morning - beaming smiles all day! A really good value event and one worth doing again with a group of friends or family.


climbing wall Grafham Water CentreA few weeks ago, when I opened the newsletter and read through the possible activities, wall climbing jumped off the page, calling "come and have a go; go on, you know you want to!!" And so it was that I found myself driving through wind and floods (what is it with the weather and 50+ events?!), to get to the Grafham Water Centre. There were only four takers for the morning wall climbing session - Elaine & Barry are regular climbers, John has participated previously, which left me the only climbing virgin!! The instructors were extremely helpful, making sure we were all safely harnessed, teaching us how to tie the relevant knots and how to use the equipment correctly. Elaine & Barry were more or less left to their own devices - poor John was lumbered with the rookey - me!! However, I chose to climb first, with John doing the belaying - I thought I did rather well, til I realised I had only managed about 6ft off the ground - hey ho!! John (like Elaine & Barry), was like Spiderman in the way he managed to almost run up the wall! Feeling slightly under pressure not to make too much of a fool of myself, I had another go, getting higher than the first attempt! On the third try, I got to the top and whooped rather loudly!! Everyone else seemed quite happy to try harder & harder walls, with more and more difficult routes - not to be outdone, I tried a slightly harder wall than the "beginners" wall and, at the second attempt, got to the top!! Arms and fingers aching, we finished for a well earned lunch - I never realised climbing could make you so hungry!! Thanks to everyone for their words of encouragement, thanks to Paul for organising the event. Most of all, thanks to my climbing partner of the day, John, for his unwavering patience! Would I do it again? Middle of the morning, I would have said no - but now, I think I would probably say yes!!

ARCHERY - Paul Rogers

Archery at Grafham Water Sport CentreThis activity was well attended, two groups of 12 participating one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Once participants had practiced a few times they moved on to playing games. This was good fun trying to hit different parts of the target and in one game balloons. Maid Marion (Anne Drury) won the competition in the morning with the highest score and Robin Hood (Mick Cook) in the afternoon.






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